3V0294.02 Word Understanding. Falling Downstairs.11/12/78

WORD UNDERSTANDING — Peggy has been introduced to arrowroot cookies and really loves them. They have almost completely displaced zwieback, her first favorite. Two or three days ago, Peggy (in her walker), Miriam, and I were downstairs in the clear area between kitchen and dining room; Miriam and I were about 10 feet apart, with Peggy between us near me. Miriam called to Peggy, and she began to “walk” over. When she was about half way there, i called to her again. “Peggy. Peggy — want a cookie?” She paid no attention to her name, but immediately upon hearing the word COOKIE she slewed around and looked at me. I showed her an arrowroot which I then gave her, and she responded with a pleased chuckle. now Peggy knows her name, and obviously was simply ignoring my call (following one call at a time). It seems equally obvious that she recognized the word COOKIE.

This afternoon, Peggy went down the basement stairs in her walker. She was obviously shaken and scared, but the only sign of injury was a bloody mouth. Bob has already put an automatic close spring on the basement door so this can not happen again.

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