3V1091.01 Breaking up an idiomatic expression: [By Beatrix Potter] (1/17/81)

Peggy brought “Peter Rabbit” and “The Flopsy bunnies” to my lap. As I
have read them to her in the past, I have moved my finger along the
title. Earlier (1/26/80) Peggy recognized “by” in two books as being
“the same.” Here when I finished reading “The Flopsy bunnies”, Peggy
continued, unasked, “by Beatrix Potter” running her finger under “by”
at the appropriate point and more vaguely under Beatrix Potter.

What’s significant here is the breaking of the memorized stream, an
idiom-like phrase “by-Beatrix-Potter” into vocal units which are made
to correspond, specifically, to clusters of alphabetic symbols.

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