P142C3: Standard Objects (3), 23mb

P142C3 Clip Notes

Notes:5:04 by Analyst, 3/15/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
Peggy naming images on the underside of Nesting Cups
Episode B:
Focus on the Ring Tower:
Peggy: (setting aside the cups, Peggy focuses again on the rings, and says: these don’t have the thing there… a request that Bob pass her the ring tower.)
Bob: There, (moving the ring tower, with its conical shaft, in her reach) I’ll put it over here. You do whatever you want with it.
Peggy: (with ring A equal ring 0 in her right hand, she immediately puts it on the conical shaft. With the ring B equal ring 2 in her left hand, she immediately puts it on the conical shaft. There is a gap which ring 1 would fill. She says: but dad, (putting her hand in the gap) that goes down there.
Bob: That doesn’t go down there. I wonder why.
Peggy: (while Bob is talking, Peggy tries to lift ring B, equal ring 2 off the shaft; having a little trouble, she inverts the ring tower and slides it off. Once ring B has been removed, Peggy rights the ring tower and sets it on the floor. Apparently addressing ring B, she puts it on the floor saying: no way. You can’t go on (down?) there.
Peggy: (selecting ring C equal ring 5, Peggy places it on the conical shaft saying: top of the ring… Ringy… ringy… (The ring does not go down on the shaft.) That didn’t go down there. No ring, you can’t go off (while removing ring C.)
Peggy: (selecting ring D equal ring 4, Peggy puts it on the conical shaft. A gap remains; she twists the ring tower sideways and pulls off ring D.) But… that
Peggy: (looking, searching the toy tray,) we have another ring. (Selecting ring E equal ring 5 with her left hand, she brings it together with ring 4 – – in her right hand, saying: but this is too big. – – While holding up ring 4 in her right hand for Bob to see.)
Note: this appears to be either an error or a misuse of the word big.
Peggy: (putting ring 4 on the floor, then ring 5, looking around behind her, Peggy says: are there no more rings?
Bob: Are you looking for more rings?
Peggy: No. There’s no more. Grandma bring more rings. (tense issue)
Bob: Are you sure?
Peggy: Yeah. She did that.
Peggy: (rising, she reveals three rings on the floor which Bob points out to her.)
Bob: Hold it. Did you look behind you, Peggy? There are some rings here on the floor.
Peggy: (having risen and walked away while Bob was speaking Peggy turns back, looks at the rings on the floor, and says nothing immediately.) She says, not very clearly, I just go here for the ball-y. (She does pick up the ping-pong ball and return it to the toy tray.)
Bob: (pointing to a spot beside the toy tray) Why don’t you come over here and sit down again?
Peggy: (dropping the ball in the toy tray and sitting down) here daddy.
Bob: thank you.
Episode C:
3:41 to 4:40
Peggy: (turning around she picks up two large rings from behind her and places them on the toy tray. Ring 0 remains on the conical shaft from her last trial. Call that ring A equal ring 0. Peggy selects ring B equal ring 6. Placing it on the conical shaft, that goes nowhere she says: uh-oh.) (Putting ring B back in the toy tray, she selects ring C equal ring 1 and slips it on the conical shaft; that goes down and rests on top of ring 0.)
Bob: Hey! That’s pretty good…
Peggy: Yeah. And it goes way down. (Selecting ring D equal ring 2, she puts it on the conical shaft and says: here’s another ring go down.)
Bob: Yeah. That’s great!
Peggy: Yep. (Picking up two rings 6, she says: these rings are the same – – holding them in her right hand)
Peggy: (selecting ring E equal ring 5 with her left hand, unclearly she says: no can’t say down.)
Peggy: (nonetheless Peggy tries to place ring 5 on the conical shaft) that one doesn’t.
Peggy: (pressing down on ring E) we press very hard.
Bob: you push very hard and it still doesn’t?…I see.
Peggy: (pressing down then removing ring E equal 5) and it goes down and off.
Bob: what, what should you do?
Peggy: we should play with those tiny blocks. (Pointing to a different set of toys on the shelf.)
Note: the ring that Peggy needed, equal 4, was on the floor in front of her, but a little out of easy reach.
Bob: (Bob agrees that we should play with a tiny boxes as Peggy wanted – – GPL chuckles quietly.)
Episode D:
4:39 to 5:04
Focus on a few tiny blocks and putting toys away.
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P142, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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