P127C1: Standard Objects (1): Ring Tower; Toy Rabbit, 18mb

P127C1 Clip Notes

Notes: 3:52 by Analyst, 3/24/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; ?? on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 1:08
Playing with Toy Rabbit:
Episode B:
1:16 to 1:37
Ring Tower: with three rings
Peggy: (lifting the ring tower out of the toy tray, she says, with an initial unclear word; ?? With your blocks out.
Bob: well, you do whatever you want.
Peg: (moving the ping-pong ball from one ring inside the toy tray to another) over here (moving the ball) over here. (Selecting ring A equal ring 1, she drops it on the conical tower.)
Bob: (moving the toy tray out of the camera’s line of sight) here, let me get these out-of-the-way.
Peg: (reaching inside the toy tray, peg selects ring B equal ring 0, then picks it up dumping out the largest ball which had been sitting on the ring. She adds ring B to the conical shaft on top of ring A.)
Peg: (selecting ring C equal ring 6, peg puts that on the conical shaft and presses down a bit.)
Bob: well, you got them on.
Peg: yes. (At this point she has already begun to play with blocks in the toy tray.)
Episode C:
to 2:02
Small Blocks:
Episode D:
2:03 to
Bean Bags
Episode E:
2:06 to
Noises off; Toy Rabbit
Episode F:
to 3:52
Bean Bags and Tube:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P127, Communication, Letter Knowledge, Object Exploration

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