LC0aO2i8: Paint and Surface ^

Here is the root table for surface preparation and painting sequences in the second year, organized as 5 galleries.
The pictures are sequenced by time. Clicking on any picture activates “lightbox mode.”

More guide coat sanding awaits

LC0aO2i8a: Paint and Surface: preparation (24)
Spraying primer on masked tub

LC0aO2i8b: Paint and Surface: spraying primer (8)
Tub with primer and guide coat

LC0aO2i8c: Paint and Surface: guide coat preparation (9)
Masking tub interior for spraying

LC0aO2i8d: Paint and Surface: finish preparation (12)
Tub in finish ivory color

LC0aO2i8e: Paint and Surface: finish spraying (7)
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