3V0221.01 Peggy at the Beach: 8/31/78;

The older children have been going down to the beach just about every afternoon, weather permitting. Since they cannot go alone (not good enough swimmers) I accompany them to keep an eye on them. Usually Peggy comes with us. We walk down, Peggy in the stroller and spread out a towel on which to sit. Soon Peggy begins showing interest in the sand. At first, she grasped a fistful and put it in her mouth, necessitating a cleaning and brushing off. Thereafter, she only ran her hands over and through the sand, grasping a fistful occasionally and it a good hand look (?). She has not really tried to eat any more, and I have said “No” whenever she appeared to be on the verge of putting sand in her mouth. Likewise, I have tried to wipe the sand off before she puts fingers in her mouth to suck. She seems to be very interested in the sand, perhaps because it is solid under her, yet the surface is not smooth (unless made so) nor inviolate — she can pick up pieces. This is another instance of her interest in surfaces and what is part thereof, what can or cannot be removed.

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