3V0091.03 Mothers-view 4/23/78

While Bob entered the previous notes, I was playing with Peggy on my lap, making noises. At one point she laughed, a set of three distinct sounds.

She now, more often than not, takes one long nap (as long as 4 hours) in the day, usually after her second feeding around 11.

Over the past few weeks I have begun taking her out with me when I go shopping because she will cry when left at home where Bob is trying to work. She is soothed by the motion of the car and generally amused by all the bustle and novelty of the store. Except for one occasion she has behaved very well, i.e. sat quietly looking about her or fallen asleep. People stop to look at her (there must be a lot of frustrated grandmothers around). Yesterday the children and I met Paul Goldenberg and his wife Andy in the Chestnut Hill Star.

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