3V1006.01 “When Mimi was my age, Christina was my age too” (10/22/80)

I judge this an amazing statement for a child of Peggy’s age.
Christina is a coeval of Miriam’s who rides to and from gymnastics in a
car pool. Christina is of significantly slighter frame than Miriam. It is
possible that Peggy imagined Christina was of intermediate age and was
corrected, but such in unlikely (after all, Christina is MUCH bigger than

Peggy has been made much aware of Miriam;s former small size by her
now receiving hand-me-downs, old clothes of Miriam’s. This is
especially the case since Miriam delights in dressing Peggy up — she did
so before in dresses to big for Peggy’s age and now they together root
through the boxes of old clothes to find a costume for today. Peggy
typically claims clothes of approximately the right size as her own.
Miriam typically protests that they are hers and they compromise with
the formula, “They’re Mimi’s, but she lets me use them” — which Peggy
interprets to mean they are hers. It is most likely that Peggy has argued
Miriam is too big to own the clothes and that Miriam responded that at
Peggy’s age she was Peggy’s size. This [is the] initial observation of
Peggy’s then is a concrete argument that all (at least two) girl children
(big kids) were once little kids on a uniform time scale.

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