3V1006.02 One to one correspondence: words and things (very impt)(10/22/80)

Gretchen was reading to Peggy from “The Big Book of Real Trains.” At
the bottom of each page is a little picture reviewing each of the cars
introduced in the previous pages, each having an engine at the head.
As Gretchen read and turned the pages, Peggy did the following: she
pointed in turn at each car in the train and named them typically thus:
“TUba, DUba, BHUda, Engine.” (This is a specific quotation; though the
phonemes are uncertain, the stress and rhythm was definitely as
marked (in this case by capitalization.

The single most striking aspect of Peggy’s activity was the definite
correspondence of stresses and Peggy’s pointing to the individual cars
of the train. This is a one to one correspondence of names and objects.
Whether we should think of this as derived from the “discovery” of
P139 or as representing a completely separate parallel or as a ground
underlying P139 will take analysis to determine.

NB. Gretchen observed Peggy do this 3-4 times and independently
confirmed the simultaneous pointing.

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