Notions from research vectors: handouts for a talk At BBN (10/20/2009)
The talk itself was 50 minutes, largely focused on samples of the IPS video corpus.

The “notions” below, never discussed, were handouts as a sketch of the framework of my ideas.
They were developed over many years from reflections on the IPS corpus and Minsky’s Society
of Mind
, most fully so in my year as Visiting Fellow and Professor at the Archives Piaget and
University of Geneva.
LC3cA31 Talk Announcement, 1p.
LC3cA32 Analyzing Learning in a Micro Culture, 2pp.
LC3cA33 Learning Example: culdahVaeVae, 1p.
LC3cA34 A Language Learning Theory, 2pp.
LC3cA35 The Genesis of Symbolic Thought, 4pp.

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