P130C: Standard Objects: Ring Tower; Balls; Boxes, 38mb

P130C Clip Notes

Notes: 8:22 by Analyst, 3/12/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 1:42
Peggy Builds the Ring Tower: 1
Peg: (walking to and sitting down in front of the toy tray of standard objects) I play with these.
Bob: Alright. (Relocating, to better watch what peg is doing)
peg: (as she pulls the toy tray underneath her extended legs) come closer to these. (She removes the ring tower base and conical shaft from the toy tray and sets it on the floor.)
Bob: (pulling the toy tray aside so her work with the ring tower can be seen by the camera without interruption.)
Peg: (selecting ring A equal ring 6, she starts to put it on the conical shaft then changes her mind) I need these there (??)
Bob: okay.
Peg: A biggies.
Bob: the biggies?
Peg: (selecting ring B equal ring 0, putting it on the shaft and easing it down to the base) these biggies. (Peg raises the ring up a bit while explaining to Bob that the specific ring is one of the biggies.)
Bob: Okay. That’s a biggie.
Peg: (letting the ring fall to the bottom of the conical shaft; selecting ring C equal ring 1) that’s a biggie to.
Bob: it is? Okay.
Peg: (she puts ring C on the conical shaft and drops it down to rest on top of ring 0)
peg: (selecting ring D equal ring 4, she puts it on the shaft and let’s it drop-down. There is a gap.)
Bob: (holding out ring 6) is this a biggie?
Peg: (taking the ring and dropping it in the toy tray) they’re little.
Bob: it’s a little?
Peg: yeah. (Selecting ring E equal ring 6, she puts that on the shaft, and pats it with little pressure.)
Bob: (holding out ring F equal ring 3) what about this one here?
Peggy: ups (?? – She accepts ring F from Bob, places it on top of the stack, saying: no; she puts ring F the floor, and adds a duplicate ring 6 to the top of the stack as ring G.) There we go!
Bob: no we don’t go. Wait. (Holding up ring 5) what about this one? Is that a biggie?
Peg: (taking the ring from Bob, ring H equal ring 5, dropping the ring to the floor in her left hand, she says: I know (??) She begins removing the 2 rings equal 6 from the top of the stack with her right hand. Having trouble, she puts down ring H, succeeds in removing one examplar of ring 6 from the top of the stack, and then places ring H on top of the stack.) That’s not a biggie. They’re little.
Peg: ( she removes ring H from the top of the stack puts it on the floor and selects ring I equal ring 3 and puts it on top of the stack; she removes it and returns it immediately to the floor and restores ring H equal ring 5 to the top of the stack.) There we go.
Bob: what about that one, in your hand?
Peg: this?
Bob: where’s ago?
Peg: I don’t know. These don’t go anywhere.
Bob: (chuckling) okay.
Peg: (putting her finger on ring 4, on the shaft with gaps above and below it, she says: these does go.
Bob: (pointing at the 2 rings at the top of the stack) those 2 does goes?
Peg: (lifting the rings at the bottom of the stack, to remove the gaps, she says: these go right up here – holding the rings off the base.)
GPL: but why do you have those holes in there?
Bob: (pointing and touching the shaft with his finger in the larger of the 2 gaps) what about this part here, does something go here?
Peg: (pointing to the gap) here?… Don’t know. (Removing the 2 top disk’s) we took these off. (??)
Episode B:
1:43 to 2:30
Second Pass at the Ring Tower: 2
Peg: (removing all the remaining discs from the conical shaft and putting them on the floor) took these off.
Bob: we let you take them off.
Peg: (while removing rings) put these all on.
Bob: put what all on?
Peg: removing the 2 biggies from the bottom: these.
Peg: (from the toy tray she selects ring A equal 5 and ring B equal 3; peg 1st tries ring A but does not put it on the shaft; instead she installs ring B on the shaft. Next peg puts ring A on the shaft. She tries to close the gap 1st by pressing down on ring A, 2nd by lifting up ring B. Removing ring A, she says: that’s a little one. She brings together 3 small rings, and says: these not go; they’re little tiny bit. (Putting the 3 small rings back in the toy tray, she says: they’re not go.
Peg: (selecting ring C equal ring 1, she puts it on the shaft about ring B, pressing down with effort on both rings. A gap remains below ring B equal ring 3. Peg removes ring C equal ring 1.) They’re biggies peg: (Peggy now removes ring 3 from the shaft).
Bob: (well Peggy is removing ring 3, Bob says: the biggies 1st.
GPL: good.
Peg: (holding up ring A equal ring 1) this a biggie.
Bob: okay. I’ll buy that.
Peg: (she begins to put ring A on the conical shaft, instead she places ring A on the floor and reaches into the toy tray and brings out a ball, saying; a biggie ball. Peggy now places that ball in the hole of the ring A.
Episode C:
2:29 to 4:20?
Rings and Balls: Freeing Resources: moving balls from rings into cylinder, boxes as containers;
Episode D:
4:21 to 4:41
Putting them away
Episode E:
4:42 to 5:53
Counting, matching, blocks, balls, and cups
Episode F:
5:53 to
Blocks and cups
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P130, Talking, Object Play, Letters and Reading, “Grown up kid” activities

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