3V0357.01 Putting into. 01/14/79

PUTTING IN — As Peggy sat in her high chair I pointed out to Gretchen how much now Peggy had mastered “putting-in”. First she put her curved spoon in her cup’s cap, removed it, and then she did the same with a pipe stem I had given her to play with. Gretchen even noted further that she put both things in together.

RELEVANCE — These variations point to a further exploration of ‘the hollow’ — first testing different sorts of things to see whether they are containable by the hollow; secondly, exploring whether it will contain more than one thing at a time; further (not yet occurring) how much will it hold.

PUTTING IN — Peggy sat playing with a pipe in my lap. She directed my attention to a pipe-stem on my table, which I gave her. We played with both for a while, giving them to each other, almost trading them. I put the pipe in my pocket, then the pipe-stem when Peggy gave it to me. Although it had completely disappeared, Peggy dove into my pocket and fished it out. Most striking was Peggy’s successful insertion of the pipe-stem into the bowl of the pipe — with its open face away from her and turned on its side [this is very similar to her attempts to insert a stick in a cup in session P 50].

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