Remaking A 1953 MG TD in 1992-94 ^

LC0aO2 Re-Made in the USA. An MG TD restoration summary presented in 1996
at the American Education Research Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
for details, see

LC0aO22: Remaking MG TD 20,009: Project Development in Photos
LC0aO23: The Restoration Team

Other Inspirations

MG with Bob, 1967l

LC0aO2a: TD 20009, The Early Years (9) in Connecticut. At MIT in the 1970’s,
I meet another MG owner and joined the New England MGT Register.
The Boston MG Shop, in Brighton in those days

LC0aO2b: A Restoration & Repair Shop in Boston (5) Here, in the 1980’s,
Steve Hardy and Rick Smith helped keep the MG running.
In the back of the Museum

LC0aO2c: In the rear of Betws-y-Coed Motor Museum in Wales (5) While on sabbatical
at Exeter University in the the early 1990’s, I found this wonderful place.
Living Up To The Legend

LC0aO2d: Abingdon Spares (9), the firm supplying new and reconditioned parts for renovation.
Gerry Goguen, the owner, showed me around the facility and directed me to the MG Museum.
LC0aO2d2: Abingdon Spares, the MG Marque Museum at Westminster(11)
Plymouth, MA

TCs at Plymouth Gathering

LC0aO2e: Other Owners’ Classics, one P-type [1934-36] (6)
LC0aO2e2: Other Owners’ Classics, TAs & TBs, [1935-39] (9)
LC0aO2e3: Other Owners’ Classics, Tickford Coupes [1939] (6)
LC0aO2e4: Other Owners’ Classics, TCs [1946-48] (4)
LC0aO2e5: Other Owners’ Classics, TDs [1949-53] (3)
LC0aO2e6: Other Side Events (2)
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