P146B: Stories & Telephone 15mb

P146B Clip Notes

Notes: 3:19 by Analyst, 10/02/2013
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Stories, Telephone use
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: Peg: (pushing toys) Push ’em all; put ’em all back. B: (making a noise).
Peg: Here’s the turtle, hop a long. 
Bob: “Hop-a-long Turtle?” 
Peg: Bouncing her toy rabbit) Run… Run… The rabbit wanda run. 
Bob: (not understanding) The Rabbit runned to run? (Speaks over Peg) “What did the rabbit do?” Peg: “Run.”
Episode B: Peg: Ring ring. (returns from Toy Box with telephone): This telephone ring. 
Bob: I heard it ring.  Do you want to answer the phone? 
Peg: (moves turning her back to camera). 
Bob: (tapping the floor) Peggy, sit over here.  (she does.) 
Peg (Picking up the handset, banging it on the base): “Ring, Ring.”  
Bob: “I heard the phone ring.  Are you going to answer the phone?” 
Peg: (picking up a toy person) “Let somebody else do it.” 
Episode C: Peg: (Bringing toy person to the phone; (Using a girl “acting” voice”) “Hello.” (using a deeper voice”) “Yeah.” 
Peg: (unclear girl voice word); (using male voice): “No.” (puts down the phone and makes doll walk away. “Wanted Grandma.” 
Bob: “Did she want to talk to her?” Peg: “No.”
Episode D: Peg: (looking at toy pile): “She (or you) better ride the horse.” (moving toys together).  “She run away with the horse.” 
Bob: “Looks like the horse is running away with her.” 
Peg: (putting the person toy back): (unclear phrase): ?Have to wait with the people? 
Peg: bounces the horse as she turns, saying “Run, run…  run,  run..” (bring horse to people)
?unclear phrase?  
Episode E: Bob: (picking a toy person): “How about this guy?”
Peg: (picking others) “How bout two people?” 
Bob: “Two people, one person”
Peg: Yes (putting both on horse; counts first person, pauses, then says) “One horse.”  “Run, run, run” (bouncing along ) “He run away with the people.”  “Run, run, run, he run away with the Daddy.” (raising the toys up) “Woo !  People up there.”  (Puts all the toys down; putting a person on a Lego piece, she changes focus to Legos.)  
Peg: (unclear: ?yellow,red? 
Bob: What colors did you  say they were?” 
Peg: “Rellow, Blue.  Red.” 
Episode F: 1:52 Peg: (picks up the handset)
Bob: (gruff voice) “Who’s there? 
Peg: (puts down the phone). “Nobody there.” 
Bob: “I thought I heard somebody say ‘Who’s there?’ ” 
Peg: I think she’s Grandma.” 
GPL: “Grandma, what a deep voice you have.” 
Bob: (makes noises). 
Peg: {“Ring.” (picks up the handset) “Hello?”  (to Bob) “Guess somebody who’s there.” 
Bob: “Who’s there?” 
Peg: “Metsy.” 
Bob: “Who?” 
Peg: I think she’s my little ?grandor? called Betsy.” 
GPL:  “Betsy.  That’s from one of Scary’s books. Betsy bear wrote a letter to her grandmother to wish her a happy birthday.” 
Bob: Is that right? 
Peg: “Yeah.  (talking into the phone) It’s good that you’re OK.  (unclear phrases about birthday) “have a happy birthday. (hangs up handset) Bye.” 
Peg: “Betsy was there.” 
Bob: I’m glad she was there. 
Peg: “She’s grandma was there.” 
Bob: “Hey, would you like to see a puzzle that’s got another grandma in it?” 
Peg: “Where?”  B. 
Bob:”It’s one you know already (getting up) You stay right here.  I’ll get the puzzle.”


Toys; play as volatile fantasy rising from aspects of available objects, links between current action, social interaction, and memories of other stories.

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.

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