P084A2: Rings and Pockets, 18mb

P084A2 Clip Notes

Notes: 3:55 by Analyst, 4/9/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Rings, Tower with cylindrical Shaft
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; Bob, then GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 – 1:23
Stuffing Rings in Bob’s Pocket:
Bob: (offstage, behind the camera, to peg who is beside him) oh, you want it back in my pocket?
Peggy: yeah (this is what is clearly meant by her utterance although it is very unlike the common word “yeah” that everyone else speaks.)
Bob: okay.
Peggy: (she runs over to the ring tower and picks up a ring lying nearby on the floor. Waving the ring in the air, she walks back to Bob and says: want that?
Bob: well, here, wait a minute. If that’s got a be – come on over here. (Walking to the ring tower and sitting down on the floor, Bob puts a ring on the floor, and says: that’s not in my pocket…. Indicating a ring on the floor by making noise with it, he asks: what about that?
Peg: Paek cah… (She takes a ring in hand, walking over to Bob, and says again: Paek cah. She continues with her effort to stuff the ring into Bob’s pocket
Bob: what about the pocket?
Peg: (after stuffing a 1st ring in Bob’s pocket, she reaches down to the floor to pick up another one, a small one, and stuffs that in his pocket as well.
Bob: how many did you put in the pocket?
Peg: Paek cah. (She has trouble fitting a large ring, perhaps ring 2, into one pocket which already has 2 smaller rings inside; she removes one of the small rings, and tries again to put ring 2 into it. Setting the large ring on the floor, she puts the smaller ring back in the pocket and apparently pushes it down. As she continues trying to get it in the pocket, she says: fits.
Bob: it does?.. Not very well
peg: (persisting) fits. (As she succeeds in pushing it down.)
Peg: (picking up the small ring from the floor, she puts in the pocket behind the larger ring, concluding with a nonverbal utterance of satisfaction.)
Bob: yeah?
Peg: Paek.
Bob: are you sure?
Peg: Paek cah.
Peg: (looking at rings in the pocket, Peggy removes 2, then puts the smaller one on the cylindrical shaft of the ring tower; she returns with a larger ring 2, attempting to put it in Bob’s pocket while he is changing position. She succeeds.
Episode B:
1:24 – 1:55
GPL takes over camera; Peg continues activity:
Bob: Gretchen! (Calling out to her, in the kitchen)
GPL: yeah.
Bob: would you come take over the camera here?
GPL: sure.
Peg: (during the preceding snippet of dialogue, Peggy inserts 2 rings in Bob’s pocket.)
Bob: what’s going on here, peg? I’m a little confused by this.
Peg: (picking up another ring, she points at Bob’s pockets and says: Paek at.
Bob: what?… (An attempt to get Peggy to repeat what she has said?)
Peg: (uncertain partial repetition, confused a bit by GPL interjection.)
Peg: (successfully stuffing another small ring in Bob’s pocket, she says: put that (??).
Bob: I think the camera’s set up right, it’s just that I’m not certain that she’s been – what are you doing peg?
GPL: she’s decapitated.
Peg: (when Bob asked what she was doing, she had picked up the ring tower and was attempting to stuff the small ring in Bob’s pocket with one hand. She returns to his pocket.
Bob: that’s very nice, sweetie.
Episode C:
1:56 – 3:55
Pocket Stuffing and Talking:
Peg: ( removing a small ring from Bob’s pocket, she turns and puts it on the cylindrical shaft of the ring tower. )
Bob: you do amazing things.
Bob: (to GPL) did you understand she just said what I thought was a 3 word sentence here?
Peg: Paek at.
Bob: what?
Peg: wash that (so sounds her utterance, which now seems to have a 2 word structure; could she be trying to say: watch that? )
Peg: (continuing to try to force the large ring into Bob’s pocket, eventually she leaves it there crosses to the ring tower, selects a small ring from the cylindrical shaft and tries to fit that in Bob’s pocket behind the larger ring. As she begins that effort she says: cup (??)
Bob: you took it all up?
Peg: (continuing pocket stuffing, she repeats whatever it was she just said previously.
Peg: (removing the large ring from the front of Bob’s pocket she turns, possibly shaking her head a little bit, then drops the large ring on the cylindrical shaft of the ring tower.
Peg: (returning to Bob’s pocket, she removes 2 rings, saying with the 1st removal: up; with the 2nd removal she says: want that. With a ring in her hand, she reaches into the pocket and says: want that, and then says: not that – withdrawing a different ring for a small one from the pocket.
GPL: is that pocket?
Bob: yes it is. I think that’s what she meant.
Peg: Paek at.
Bob: right. (While peg is putting rings on the cylindrical shaft) you seem to understand that very well, Peggy.
Peg: (she continues extracting and reinserting rings in Bob’s pocket… Picking up one ring dropped on the floor, putting it in Bob’s pocket, she then goes back to the cylindrical shaft and takes the large rings from it.
Bob: will that one fit?
Peg: fit. (She pushes it into the pocket.) Fit. (But she walks away still holding it in her hand.)
Bob: are you sure? (it does not fit.)
Peg: (with a large ring in her hand, she walks closer to Bob’s shoulder as though thinking of putting it down on his upper body, then turns and walks towards Bob’s knees. She says: Paek at, then turns and once again tries to insert the large ring in Bob’s pocket. Saying: fit, she apparently accepts defeat, walks to Bob’s head, holding out the ring to him, repeating: fit. She whimpers a bit holding it near his mouth.
Bob: what do you want me to do with it?
Peg: fit. (Uninterpretable comment that sounds like: yaw. Could she mean “you.”)
Bob: what?
Peg: (uninterpretable comment that sounds like: nice ire
Bob: you’re not being very clear. What do you say, sweetie?
Peg: (moving back towards Bob’s pocket whimpering a bit, she gestures as though to try the pocket again then turns and and moves to the camera lady.
Bob: (reaching into his pocket) hey, I’ll tell you what. I don’t want these in my pocket. (Starting to remove rings from his pocket, he places a large ring on the cylindrical shaft, saying: what if we put these away?
Bob: can you get your blocks…. Out of the box?… You see the box?.. You know where the box is?
Peg: (with a large ring in her hand, she crosses to the ring tower and puts it on the cylindrical shaft. As she starts to move to Gretchen, Bob speaks.
Bob: Peggy, look. Your box is right there. (Offstage, he must be indicating it somehow by pointing etc.)
peg: (she crosses to the toy box, as a clip ends.)
Episode D:
Episode E:
What appears most valuable here in retrospect is the situation of vocabulary development, in the sense of regularization of words. Also, one needs distinguish in the conversation between what she uttered, what Bob understood then, and what any analyst understands now.

Panel P084, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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