Summary Table of Standard Objects and their Uses


Language Development, pre-Pointing, Object Exploration


Social Interactions & Communication, Object Exploration, Physical Development


P040, Peggy at 9 months (video): feeding Peggy, object choice; pipe-play “talk” (Bob); rolling with and without mirror; standard objects.


Peggy Study, Video P030 Themes: Object Knowledge, pre-Language Communication Source: (Lawler); date: 8/20/1978 Title: Text commentary: This panel is an attempt to use directly for this archive material edited earlier. The quality of the clips may be inadequate. This failing will be remedied eventually by returning to earlier sources and reproducing this clips with better …

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P026, Peggy at 6 months (video): before conversation (Bob); mirror Baby; using a spoon; objects on the floor; sibling interactions.


3V1150.01 A Tricycle at last: lost observation opportunity (3/17/81) I wanted to buy one for Peggy’s third birthday but (even on sale) the prices were too high and the quality of the bikes too low for purchase. Today — some eight weeks later — I saw an ad selling a tricycle for 10 dollars. We …

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3V114603 Dancing: we need to document her interest and activity (3/13/81) This is an activity of Peggy’s needing extensive observation and comment. It is obviously important to her, something she enjoys, and something she does a lot..


3V113301 A Gymnastic Show (2/28(81) Miriam went on-stage with the other tumbling kids of the Dutch Gymnastics School. The show began with ‘The Little Rascals’ — the youngest class — marching around and exercising in time (more or less) to directive songs. Peggy found that worth watching, but when they finished she said, ‘I think …

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3V1046.01 Jumping jacks: analogy (12/3/80) Playing with the fire tongs, Peggy held them vertical and opened and closed them a bit, bouncing them off the floor. “Tweezers [tongs] are doing ‘jumping jacks’.” Comment in passing: “I think bears piss in the woods.” Noted by one of the children: Peggy at her toy telephone: “Doctor, come …

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3V0972.01 At the Guilford Fair (9/20/80) Five times on the Merry Go Round, everyone a delight for her. Whenever we passed by without riding, Peggy broke out in tears and collapsed or sulked. We did manage to walk about a bit — with a tear in the eye and a hand in the mouth — …

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3V0704.01 Playing the piano. (12/27/79) Often since her early infancy, Peggy would come to me while I sat at the piano and ask to come up with me. It has been my practice to then play “chopsticks” with the middle range of the piano free for Peggy’s playing with me. I have shaped her playing …

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3V0566.01 Twirling : 08/11/79; Peggy enjoys “dancing” whenever I play a recording of fast music. To her basic step — a bobbing at the knees (with feet firmly planted) conjoined with a waving of arms — Peggy has now added a second, turning in place. I can’t document the source of this twirling, but I …

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3V0508.01 Over the head: what it means to Peggy (6/14/79) Putting cloth objects especially (but others as well) over the top of the head and down about her neck has become one of Peggy’s favorite activities. This leapt to prominence in our eyes with her wandering from the living room into the kitchen with a …

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3V0495.01 Spills: Peggy mopping them up (6/1/79) Spills, of course, are common with Peggy. Today she got some milk on the floor. Somehow she got a towel (probably a regular cloth one from the refrigerator door handle) and mopped at the spills on the floor. We gave her a paper towel to work with. thereafter, …

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3V0472.01 Doing “Headstands” (5/9/79) Once she started toddling about, Peggy began “headstands,” i.e. with her feet firmly planted wide apart, she brings her head and hands down to the floor and peers between her legs. Peggy has done this several times when I was nearby and, catching my eye, laughed gleefully as if this were …

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Vn126.1 Turtle on the Bed 3/14/78 This Saturday morning I sat in the reading alcove working away, and Miriam came to join me. Robby was downstairs and Gretchen out of the house. Miriam offered to sit in my lap, but I protested to being busy and turned her down. Miriam moped a little, then crawled …

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Vignette 113.1 of The Intimate Study source materials. Unpublished. Robert W. Lawler.


Vignette 91.1 of The Intimate Study source materials. Unpublished. Robert W. Lawler.


Vignette 70.1 of The Intimate Study source materials. Unpublished. Robert W. Lawler.


Vignette 64.1 of The Intimate Study source materials. Unpublished. Robert W. Lawler.


3V0358.01 Over the Head — body awareness (1/15/79) Peggy has been passing objects behind her for some time (this appears in notes and on video tape). One early attempt with her rattle on a string was to get it over her head. She now does this regularly with whatever is remotely suitable – e.g. the …

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3V0355.01 Putting into: 01/12/79 After last week’s videotape, wherein Peggy, for the first time, explored putting into of sticks to a cup, I have become more sensitive to her extensions of this exploration – at the table: Peggy’s juice cup has a recessed lid with nipple. I have seen her repeatedly take a cookie, put …

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3V0354.04 Putting Into (1/11/79) This evening Peggy was playing in our bedroom with a bead bracelet. Spying Bob’s big work boots, she dropped the bracelet into one of them then pulled it over and looked in. As she pulled, the boot tipped and the bracelet slid towards the toe, so she could not see it …

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3V0354.03 Walking (1/11/79) By now, Peggy can, under favorable circumstances stand alone unsupported for as long as several seconds. she has also (yesterday) walked several steps, being help only by one hand. In the walker, she has become a terror, running to gain speed, then sliding across the floor (occasionally pushing as on a scooter) …

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3V0354.01 Functional Application: using a comb (1/11/78) A day or so ago, I washed Peggy’s hair. As I could not find her little brush, I had to use a comb and a regular baby brush. I used the latter while Peggy held the former. She chewed on it a bit, then held one end and …

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3V0354.02 Doctor Visit (1/11/79) Peggy went to see Dr. Merman on the 2nd. He found her to be in good shape, but on the small side. At 17 lbs. 13 oz. and 28 inches, she is in the 10th percentile for weight and the 25th for height. Except for the first month, in which she …

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3V0335.02 Trapped fingers again (12/23/78) Once again the box got her. Gretchen and I are beginning to be surprised that she can’t solve the problem (ie. fingers caught between lid and sides of the box; second hand leaning on the lid.)


3V0329.02 Reflections on putting (12/17/78) If Peggy has yet to distinguish the interior of objects from the surfaces (in the sense of not understanding hollowness, how can it make sense to say that she is putting one thing ONTO or INTO another ? What is required is an imputation of a goal to her — …

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3V0327.03 Trapped fingers bug manifest again (12/15/78) BLOCK BOX TRAP — Playing on the bedroom floor just now, Peggy got two fingers trapped in the [block] box. She could not get them free because she was leaning on the lid with the other hand. This has happened to her a number of times over the …

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3V0327.02 Helen Keller as archetype (12/15/78) Helen Keller situation as extreme exemplar of every infant’s plight.


3V0321.01 Peggy Walking Solo, with tea table as crutch (12/09/78) Last night the entire family sat in the living room. Gretchen searched through old files to locate our Encyclopedia Brittanica futures contract; I worried about why the fireplace was smoking (a backdraft through the still open bedroom fireplace chimney). I don’t know — none of …

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3V0309.01 Standing in the crib; not knowing how to sit down: 11/27/78 Saturday afternoon, when her nap should have been coming to its natural end, Peggy started crying most vociferously and continued doing so until rescued. Going into the girls’ room, Gretchen found Peggy standing in the crib, grasping the top rail for dear life, …

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3V0306.03 Pervasive Instruction. 11/24 PERVASIVE INSTRUCTION — Peggy’s maternal grandmother (Edie) has been visiting us for the week around Thanksgiving. Six months ago she played “Clap hands, here comes Charlie” with Peggy and is delighted that Peggy claps on command and gets others to clap by doing it herself. While she sat across the table …

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3V0294.01 The IMPURE POINT and progressive structuration: 11/12/78 As observed more generally by Bruner, this infant Peggy started “pointing” around 9 months of age. (confer P40 and P41, I don’t know if earlier tapes contain unremarked examples of earlier pointing). Since the appearance, we have watched Peggy’s pointing more closely off camera. She does point …

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3V0278.01 “Pick me up” gesture as precursor of causality. 10/27/78; When wanting to be picked up, Peggy’s habit has been to crawl to your feet and look up, crying and wailing. Oftimes, we would hold out our hands as she crawled over to show both our readiness and that we wanted her to come to …

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3V0275.01 Sitting Up (10/24/78) We have been disinclined to sit Peggy on the floor. We have no rugs because of Miriam’s allergies and when Peggy might fall sideways, she would take a solid crack on the skull. This night, both the older children played in the bedroom and Peggy crawled about on the floor crying. …

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3V0271.01 A Walker: social pushiness as instruction 10/20/78 For several weeks, we have discussed buying a walker for Peggy because of her preference for standing and as a device she could use to increase her scope. We have seen them on sale and today bought one. Relevance: The first incident shows Miriam’s intrusiveness, driving Peggy …

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3V0269.01 Standing in her crib (Miriam did it) (10/18/78) Peggy has shown much more inclination to stand than to sit. It has been hard even to get her to sit down in a lap. Today, Miriam called out from the girls’ room most excitedly, “Mom, Dad, come see. Peggy’s standing by herself.” And Peggy was …

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3V0236.02 Miriam as Instructor (9/15/78) Miriam has been trying to ‘teach’ Peggy to sit up and walk. The latter especially makes me uneasy because I fear her dropping Peggy. Miriam typically props Peggy up on the bed and returns her toys when dropped so Peggy doesn’t fall over reaching for them. I discussed sitting up …

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3V0233.06 Other Selves in Television and the Mirror 9/12 9/13 (in Guilford) Sunday morning (9/10) we had our first bedroom fire. To permit that I had on Saturday rearranged the furniture so there was none near the fireplace. After that initial rearrangement I set up the videotape and started viewing P 32 to make sure …

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3V0233.05 Miriam as Instructor 9/12 MIRIAM AS INSTRUCTOR — Miriam frequently gets stuck with the job of caring for Peggy over short intervals of time. For example, she may care for her while Gretchen bathes in the morning. Miriam’s play varies considerably. Sometimes she plays interactively (cf. 8/26); other times she plays with Peggy more …

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3V0233.02 Peek a boo and the car trunk lid: 9/12 PEEK-A-BOO AND THE CAR TRUNK LID — Wednesday (9/6), when we returned Miriam to school after her appointment with the allergist, Gretchen bought some groceries and left me with Peggy. Peggy was very unhappy, having missed her morning nap and needing a diaper change — …

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3V0233.01 Peek a Boo, a Central game for Peggy 9/12 EYE CONTACT AND PEEK-A-BOO Peggy has been playing PEEK for some time now, and it is a central game for her, i.e. one from which her knowledge of the world and objects’ permanence is growing outward (cf. notes on 8/26). When we sit at table …

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3V0225.04 Limits of Debugging and Body Awareness 9/04 Peggy not only crawls now, she goes over obstacles such as arms that are in her way. Playing on the bed, I tried to keep her from the edge by blocking her path with my arm. Since she could crawl over it, I held the arm off …

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3V0221.06 Putting People Inside Boats (8/31/78) Another “inside” oriented play with a boat and two toy men, all both toys. After a morning bath, Peggy has appeared to be trying to put the men into the boat but has not yet succeeded.


3V0221.03 Putting On (8/31/78) Two days ago, the peg came out of the ring tower and instead of replacing it, I cut a hole through the bottom of the base and inserted the peg from that side. Now the effective bottom of the base is flat and the peg will not rock out of the …

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3V0216.05 Putting On 8/26 One of my interests in observing Peggy’s play with the ring tower is to see when (and how) her interest in putting-into (e.g. the pole into her mouth) expands the putting-onto (the hole of the rings functioning then like a newly separated mouth analog). Thus far Peggy has not put a …

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3V0215.01 Rolling Over: pulling object on a cloth (8/25/78) Peggy has been working on rolling over back to front. Whereas earlier I would put her on her stomach and find her on her back, now it is the other way round. She seems to show a preference for being her belly (perhaps because of the …

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3V0205.01 A Natural Experiment < from earlier title: "Rolling Over (earlier socialization)" Meeting Cousin Matthew. (8/15/78 ) Peggy rolled over today from back to belly, but the evidence is circumstantial. She had been eating a teething biscuit and was covered with glom from head to foot. I put her down on her back in the ...

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