3V0862.02 Beginning reading: reading from Puppies book (6/2/80)
reconstructed from a journal entry of 6/2/80 )

When Peggy offered to read to me (“Daddy, I read you”), I joined her on
the floor. Her specific reconstruction of three pages via pictures were

TERRIERS: “Once a morning, puppy want a dig a hole (this reflects
phrase from “The Pokey little puppy.”

DALMATIONS: “There’s a boot. What the other puppies do?” (This
surely reflects the picture; may reflect text of the book.

SPANIELS: “Four puppies in a basket. Wanta ride this bike cyl.”
Peggy got the “Pokey Little Puppy” for me to read to her when I asked
Gretchen about “puppy want a dig a hole.”

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