Peggy Study, Panel P076 Themes: Objects & Pre-Counting, “Soccer”, Standard Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 7/10/1979 Title: Pre-Counting, Text commentary: Pre-Counting in ZPD; Precursor of later development. P76A1 Pre-Counting w/Bob, 18mb P76A2 Pre-Counting w/GPL, 24mb P76A3 Pre-Counting w/GPL, 37mb P76B “Soccer” w/Miriam, 6.1mb P76C1 Standard Objects, 24mb P76C2 Standard Objects, 31mb


3V0538.01 [read the story]: real importance of communication; (7/14/79) The little golden book version of Madeline was brought out today. Miriam attempted to read it to Peggy. Peggy’s attention soon wandered [she perhaps did not feel great either, being sick with roseola; the fever had gone and the rash was come] and she fussed at …

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3V0536.01 More words and situations: “Give this to dada” vs. “dada have that”; language role in microworld selection: role genetically prior to terminal specification though it recedes to discourse level feature (CENTRAL IDEA) (7/12/79) Miriam sat across the dining room table unable to bring me something I wanted (a magazine, perhaps). She directed Peggy, “Give …

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3V0535.01 Ant versus bug: preferred name for a shared referent (7/11/79) Today at the beach I surprised Peggy by a sudden leap — I had caught sight of a plant near my foot and thought at first it was a wasp. I explained that I thought I had seen a bug, but it was only …

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3V0534.01 Words and situations: trash can-words, like things seen can be unconsidered (cf. notes # for problem solving analogy) (7/10/79) A little exploration following Chomsky’s advice that you can probe language understanding (only) by examining the interpretation of nonsense — Gretchen’s “snuggle gruggle” shows how easy it is to over interpret language understanding on the …

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