3V0275.01 Sitting Up (10/24/78)

We have been disinclined to sit Peggy on the floor. We have no rugs because of Miriam’s allergies and when Peggy might fall sideways, she would take a solid crack on the skull. This night, both the older children played in the bedroom and Peggy crawled about on the floor crying. I did not want to pick her up, so I sat her down in the middle of the bed with her ring tower, her person rattle, and a box of blocks. Peggy stopped squalling and played quietly for half an hour, all the time seated in one place. During that time, she also extended her range. she began by leaning a little sideways to pick up her rattle; she then put the rattle in front and learned forward to get it. Finally, Peggy tossed the rattle beyond her reach, leaned forward between her legs half crawling, then she pushed herself back up to a sitting position.

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