P231, Peggy at 4 and a half years (video): talking; reading, words; word concept; Rob’s example & after; sentences; final items; puzzle assembly.


P211, Peggy at 4 years (video): shape families; subtraction, size order; standard objects, discrete quantity; nesting cup use.


3V1784.01 Paris, Last Note (12/10/82) I asked Peggy if she wanted to use the TI computer this morning, volunteering to set up whatever she wants. In a little while she asked if she could make a shape. I wrote for her what to key. She’s now working on a shape. Last night I read to …

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3V1780.01 Peggy Paris 10 (12/6/82) Three segments, first reading “Hop on Pop”; second on left and right; third on using phrases with CITY micro-world. Lack of translation from text to speech & vice versa is deep: no 1-1 correspondence at verbal level; lack of letter-sound correspondence; left-right distinction is firm (now with the sign correct) …

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3V1779.01 Summary from the Week (12/5/82) Tuesday, with both Miriam and Peggy complaining of their schools, it struck me both would be happier at the Thomas Jefferson School AND if both went it would be possible for Peggy (as well as a novel opportunity for Miriam). After a call to Jean Jacques Greif (and William …

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3V1774.04 Reading to Me (11/30/82) Peggy read, i.e. interpreted the stories of, Richard Scary’s Funniest Story Book Ever. Two incidents stand out: first shows lack of cross-page & top-bottom order of story interpretation; second, the role of inferable cause in inducing such order. In the story about “Absent Minded Mr. Rabbit,” Peg did not notice …

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3V177303 At the Center (11/30/82) Barbara Porter came yesterday with five kids (one mine) to the Center. Peggy brought Wendy with her and acted very friendly with her. Barbara brought sons Gregoire and Laurant and Gregoire’s friend Alden. The kids, of course, played differently. The three boys were aggressive and Laurant (older by a couple …

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3V1772.02 The result of isolation (11/29/82) text not available.


3V1625.01 The Last Gasp…when leaving for Paris: 7/5/82


3V15??.01 Spontaneous observation that “recalling” has “recall” in it. (TI tape loading display): no detail obviously uncertain dating here


3V1543.01 Peggy is ready for liquid conservation test: pouring soda, she observed that her glass is taller than Robby’s; no detail (4/14/82)


3V1541.01 Using object impermanence: Miriam and Peggy going around me — hiding by my obstructing Katy’s line of sight — as a game all delighted in: THEME: the Permanent person precedes the permanent object;.no detail (4/12/82) no more detail.


3V1521.01 KATE: verbal imitation as a “tickle me” command: no detail (3/23/82) .


3V151001 Can’t read “book words”; can read “computer words”: no detail (3/12/82) .


3V1499.01 Use of speech generators by Peggy: no detail (3/82)


Protocol 15, Natural Learning see “The Urge to Instruct” in LC1bA3


Protocol 13, Natural Learning see “Constructive Analogy” in LC1bA3


Protocol 11, Natural Learning see “Natural Confusions” in LC1bA3


Protocol 9,Natural Learning see “Instruction as Invention” in LC1bA3


Protocol 6 in Natural Learning Study see “Complex Minds” in LC1bA3


Protocol 2, starting programming with ZOOM, in the Natural Learning Study, source materials. Unpublished, Robert W. Lawler.