3V1149.01 Drawing on Peggy: drawing on her arms and more (3/16/81)

When she asked me to draw on her hand this evening, I made a little heart that said, “Dad” (she asked on my beginning with “D” if it said “Daddy”) and “Peg” which she figured was “Peggy”). Upon presentation of the other hand, I decided on a more elaborate drawing — and made a four petaled red flower (like the dogwood in shape) with green stem and leaves.
Peggy rolled up her sleeve and said “it tickles.” I asked if she could help me draw a face. She agreed. I made a large circle. “Eyes,” she said. “How many ?” I asked. “Two,” came the quick reply. “And what else ?” I inquired, expecting to hear about a nose and mouth. “Eyebrows and hair.” I drew in eyebrows, slanting down over the eyes, and a crew-cut pad of red. “He looks mad” was Peggy’s opinion, so I tried to make him happy. “Shall I draw a big smile then?” I did so. “What else ?” (I was again fishing for a nose. Peggy pointed at the chin. (I drew in a nose.) What else should he have?” I asked again, and she was more specific, “He needs legs.” I drew one chicken-foot and at her request, another, then another and a final one raise somewhat in the air, as below:

*** insert picture here ***

Peggy made an “eating at a single gulp” noise. “What’s he taste like?” I Asked, expecting something egg-or-chicken-like as an answer. “Monster” was the reply.

The flower and monster were the only shapes beside hearts that have been drawn on Peggy. I note them to document the beginnings of her drawing development (must re-collect the drawings on Greg’s walls at Logo.)

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