P130, Peggy at 2 and a half years (video): hammer, talking; letters, comments; standard objects, reading w/Rob; jumping rope w/Rob.


3V0916.01 Commitment to an interpretation: [go pick the lady grass.](7/26/80) Miriam has been given the job of picking grass out of the driveway and she resists it mightily. I recently scolded her and told her to go pick out every blade of grass at the turn (the grass had slowed drainage and caused some flooding). …

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3V0914.01 Pouring: example of an action looking for objects (7/24/80) Peggy has been fascinated with pouring for weeks, or even months. Sometimes she will ask for some juice just to be able to pour it back and forth. She likes to use my dining chair as a word bench for this and I frequently find …

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3V0910.02 Possessive pronouns: non-standard forms [he lives in he’s house.] (7/20-24/80) Peggy was reading that Britanica book which begins with a picture of several animals and asks where they live. There are pictured on one page a horse, dog, spider, turtle, and others (?) and on the facing page a barn, pond, dog house, and …

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3V0910.01 Color names again — properly typed but idiosyncratically applied (7/20/80) It’s absolutely clear that Peggy knows a number of color names and knows that they apply to some quality of an object. To me, it appears as though she uses color names correctly, in re. parts of speech, etc. but that she has not …

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