P120A1: Standard Objects: Ring Tower, Tube Insertion, Balls & Rings 26mb

P120A1 Clip Notes

Notes: 5:45 by Analyst, 3/25/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; ?? on camera.
Episode A:
0:04 to 1:29
Ring Tower:
Bob: okay Peggy we’re going to do our experiment. Is that okay with you?
Peg: (excited, unclear utterance; crawling around on her hands and knees in the middle of floor.)
Bob: Peggy, move way back here (he puts the toy tray down in the middle the floor and tapping the floor to show Peggy where he would like her to sit.) Come on over here, way over here…. Okay?
Peg: yes. (Unclear utterance)
Bob: you were saying that the Bear is going to do the experiment. What’s the bear going to do?
Peg: (she ignores the question, picks up the ring tower with ring A equal ring 0 already on it; she selects ring B equal ring 6, and puts it on the conical shaft and continues holding the ring tower by the knob on the top of the shaft. Selecting ring C equal ring 1, she gestures at putting ring C on the conical shaft, despite still holding it by the nob on top; she immediately changes her mind and puts the ring tower down on the floor – –
Bob: (interrupting, he asks: why doesn’t that – –)
peg: (turning around to look at Bob)
Bob: go ahead. I’m sorry I said anything.
Peg: (setting ring 1 on top of ring 6 on the shaft)
Bob: is that okay?… Does that work right?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: It does? … good… I’m glad it does.
Peg: (setting ring 1 on the floor, and removing ring 6, she removes ring 0 as well, she lifts up the ring tower and looking at the bottom, says: I like this all here (??). She smacks the ring tower base back down on the floor. (Unclear utterance: sounds like: goodness, gum, nervous; waving an arm in frustration–)
Bob: (repeating the partially understood phrase for clarification) where is the dumb what?
Peg: (unclear utterance; selecting ring A equal ring 0, she puts it on the shaft; selecting ring B equal ring 6 she adds that to the top of the shaft. Then selecting ring C equal ring 1 she sets that on top of ring 6 and begins rooting around in the toy tray.)
Bob: oh, you want another one, Peggy? Here, is this the one you wanted?
Peg: yeah (enthusiastically). (She reaches out to take the ring from Bob. Selecting ring D equal ring 5 she sets that on top of rings 6 and 1; it sits at a precarious angle.)
Bob: (while peg looks at the top ring, Bob asks: is that good?
Peg: (tilting the ring tower little bit she says: (unclear word: make it ??) fall.
Episode B:
1:30 to 3:10
Tube Insertions
Episode C:
3:11 to 5:45
Balls and Rings
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P120, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction: Vocal Communication, Object Exploration, Reading together

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