3V0531.01 COUNTING: beginning of notes. Cookies, hands, and counting (7/7/79) During interviews at IBM, Moshe Zloof raised the question of whether or not, in effect, counting is innate. I told him the question was a big one about which I felt no one could speak with authority but that I had very strong prejudices. As …

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3V0528.01 Naming [shoe]#3. Silly instruction? “Right, that’s a shoe and you put it on your head” [foot]…[but = clasp] (7/4/79) This morning Peggy played in the bedroom as I sat in my chair. Peggy picked up one of Gretchen’s white sandals and said [shoe]. Gretchen asked if I heard. I said so and then to …

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3V0527.01 Spontaneous naming [shoe] (2 different examples) (7/3/79) This morning before breakfast Peggy was playing in our room. She picked up one of Bob’s moccasins and said, “Shoe.” Shortly thereafter she picked up one of his deck shoes and repeated, “Shoe.” Gretchen.