3V0555.01 [Car, car, go, go]: (07/31/79)

I was taking Peggy and Scurry for a walk. I carried Peggy out to the
garage and seated her in the stroller. Peggy waved her hand around and
cried, “Ca’, ca’, go ca’,” indicating she wanted to go for a ride. She has
often said “Ca'” under those circumstances, but never before “Go ca’.”
Walking up the street we came to a place where there are dogs on both
sides, a sheltie and a beagle. Whenever we pass, the sheltie growls at us
and the beagle barks. Neither dog happened to be outside. Peggy
looked from one side to the other, the remarked inquiringly, “Vava’.”
She obviously expected those dogs and wanted to know where they
were. Gretchen.

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