3V1069.02 Counting and one-to-one correspondence (12/26/80)

Having bought her two of Beatrix Potter’s books for Christmas, I have
read them over and over to Peggy. At one point in the story of Peter
Rabbit, old Mrs. Rabbit goes to the bakers and buys ‘five current
buns.” I decided to see how Peggy would follow or penetrate what this
meant. I asked, “Do you know why she’s getting five buns ?” Peggy did
not, so I explained by finger counting. “There’s one for everybody
(holding up digits seriatim), Flopsy, Mopsy, cotton-tail, and Peter, and
one for herself.” She imitated my finger raising and said, looking at her
fingers, “Those are little bunnies.” When I stuck out my thumb and
said it was old Mrs. Rabbit, she responded, “No! Benja Bunny.” (He is,
of course, the other ‘little’ rabbit, Peter’s cousin.) (see counting on VT
of P153, 12/28/80)

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