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The Intimate Study Video Catalog

Tape Format Conversion Notes:
All original recordings were made on a reel-to-reel (R2R) Sony Port-a-pac. Early consumer electronics video recorders were vulnerable to various kinds of recording failures, of which we had a share. All usable R2R recordings have now been digitized. When the Infant Peggy Study tapes were converted to VHS format, the only Intimate Study tapes converted to VHS were those marked with an “X” in the final profile series. These tapes have been digitized earlier by Bob, as well as tapes 1, and 45-48. Subsequently (~Q4, 2009) the remaining port-a-pac tapes were digitized by the video recovery services of Rick Thomas (former web-site: https://obsoletevideoservice.itgo.com/home.html, now defunct). Some tapes show difficult problems, but they are no longer completely lost in the limbo of changing technologies and deteriorating equipment. Most tapes are watchable. Some are usable for analysis, but not for show. They are in the preparation queue, but have a lower priority. Videos “unavailable” were impossible to convert from R2R sources to any format. They are lost. It was possible to create text analyses earlier, even of those videos where the recorder was droping frames, with the audio recordings made at the same time supplementing the fragmentary video record.

Videos of The Intimate Study (LC1 and LC2 both) were recorded at the MIT Logo Project in 1977. The adults interviewing Miriam and Rob were: Lab Director, Seymour Papert; Bob Lawler, father, doctoral student and Logo Research Assistant; and two Harvard doctoral students, with Laboratory experience in Piaget’s Center for Genetic Epistemology, Sheldon Wagner and Lawrence Miller. Margaret Minsky and Howard Austin occasionally played “camera man”; as did Gretchen Lawler, mother of the children.
For a TIS subset-index focused on Rob, see LC1c-video directory in LC1c-NLS.

TIS#Child1977AdultInitial Profile: ThemesVideo quality and Relevant Links Video Links
01M4/19 Lauri 1-1 Correspondence,
Class Inclusion
Conservation of Liquids
TIS01M is good. See 1-1 Correspondence Details.
See Class Inclusion Lauri (1)
See Conservation of Liquids.
TIS01M. (4)
02M4/20 Bob Review of Drawings (1)TIS02M&03M are good. Content not analysed so far (Q3,’12) TIS02M. (5)
03M4/20 Bob Review of Drawings (2) See TIS02M.
04M4/20 Seymour Velocity Judgments,
Combinations (Bead Families),
Volume Judgments
TIS04M is good. See Time and Velocities
See Bead Families. See Object Volume.
See The Intimate Study & Papert’s Conjecture.
TIS04M. (6)
05R4/21 Bob Volume Judgments, CombinationsThe problem with this and following recordings derived from deteriorating performance of a failing write-head in the equipment. not available (Q3,’12).
06M4/22 Seymour Conservation of solids See Weight. See Displacement Volume. usable for analysis; not useful for show.
07R4/22 Bob Conservation of solidsTIS07R is good. See TIS07R.
08M4/25 Bob Picture Puzzles (1), Miriam’s approach See text analysis Picture Puzzle Assembly, Summary. usable; not for show.
09M4/25 Bob Picture Puzzles (2) usable; not for show.
10M4/26 Lauri Backspinning See text analysis Backspinning. not available (Q3,’12).
11M4/26 Seymour Combinations, Mathematical Balance See text analysis Beam Balance usable; not for show.
12M4/26 Seymour Seriation in collections See text analysis Multiple Seriation
See text analysis Shape Families
usable; not for show.
13M4/28 Sheldon Combinations seen in Constructing Tracks (1)TIS13M is good. SeeTIS72 for second trial. For comparisons, see TIS18R and TIS70R TIS13M. (10)
14M4/28 Sheldon Constructing Tracks (2) For TIS14M, see TIS13M.
15M4/29 Bob Hanoi Tower Puzzle, Seriation See Hanoi Tower Puzzle. not available (Q3,’12).
16M4/29 Bob Hanoi Tower Analog See Hanoi Tower Analog. not available (Q3,’12).
17M5/02 Bob Miriam’s Past at Logo; use of Shoot See Miriam’s Past at Logo.
See Numbers and Thinking.
TIS17M. (7)
18R5/02 Bob Combinations seen in Constructing TracksTIS18R is good. See TIS18R.
19R5/13 Bob Bending Rods: separating variables in a physical task.TIS19R is good. See TIS19R.
20M5/18 Bob Bending Rods (1): separating variables.TIS20M good. See TIS68M for second trial. For comparison see TIS19R and TIS69R. First, see text of analysis, Bending Rods. TIS20M. (6)
21M5/18 Bob Bending Rods (2) See TIS20M.
in Computer Experience and Cognitive Development, see Published Appendices and A Cognitive Profile at 6;0.
Logo Sessions: See Overview.Video quality and Relevant Links:
to Learning Analyses
Video Links
22MR6/03 Goldilocks playlet: with Meg, Miriam, and BobTIS22M is good, but chaotic. Miriam made the script, but Meg didn’t read, and both wanted to be “Baby Bear.” See also Introducing Writing. TIS22M (5)
See also TIS22R.
23M6/2327Angles in multi-polys (MPOLY) are numbers for Pretty DesignsTIS23M is good. Working/Playing together with different objectives. See Numbers and Thinking. TIS23M. (4)
24M6/2428Introduction to iteration via POLY
Iteration with Concrete POLY
TIS24 is good. Its focus: repetition and inner structure of a concrete procedure. See Programming and Thinking. TIS24M. (5)
25R6/2527-8Angles and iteration See Spatial Thinking. See TIS25R.
26MR6/3032M: Slot Machine Mazes
R: Introduction to DELTA
TIS26M is good (but dark). The Hillis Slot Machine, plus keyable values, offers a genetic path to procedural knowledge for young children. See Programming and Thinking. TIS26M (4)
27RM6/3032R: Delta as a key-in variable;
RM: playing SHOOT

TIS27M is good. Miriam plays SHOOT.
See Numbers and Thinking.
See TIS27R.
TIS27M. (1)
28M7/0133Delta as a key-in variable See Numbers and Thinking. NAY (too dark)
29M7/0534Inputs: Keyboard and Slot MachineTIS29M is good (a little dark). Bob “shadows” in symbols Miriam’s concrete action. See Programming and Thinking. TIS29M. (4)
30RM7/0836Slot machine and Keyboard MAZES
Robby and Miriam “Working Together”
TIS30 is good. TIS30R A-C, Rob: slot machine & keyboard.
TIS30RM 1-3: Rob and Miriam “working together” making mazes and pictures. See Programming and Thinking.
See TIS30R.
31M8/1348 Pretty Flower(PF) – 2 See Programming and Thinking. usable; not for show
32M8/1449 Pretty Flower Completion – 3TIS32M is good (but display is dark). Debugging. See Programming and Thinking. TIS32M. (6)
33M8/1952Intro: Common Logo Procedure BugsTIS33M is good. See Programming and Thinking. TIS33M. (4)
34M8/2053Debugging, Re-introductionTIS34M is good (a few glitches.) Solving well known procedure bugs. See Programming and Thinking. TIS34M. (5+)
35R8/2053Intro to Debugging See TIS35R.
36M8/2154 X-Y Coordinates; PF Scale ChangeTIS36M is good. See Spatial Thinking. TIS36M. (4)
37R8/2154PF* N; Shapes; Fantastic session! See TIS37R.
38R8/2655 Shape Families; Shoot/Guidance;
Henry Minsky’s talking Logo
See Programming and Thinking.
See Spatial Thinking.
See TIS38R.
39M8/2655Multiple Descriptions; Shoot; Carrier; Jump;
MAKEDO (Top-down structure)
TIS39M is good. See Spatial Thinking.
See Programming and Thinking.
TIS39M. (5)
40MR8/2956M: Letter to Danny &Margaret with PF;
R: Shape Family: 85-89
TIS40M is good. See Introducing Writing.
TIS40M (4)
See TIS40R.
41R8/2956Shape Family (See TIS40R.); Scurrying turtle See TIS41R.
42R8/3057 Inspi: Varying angle by Delta;
A & B symmetrical inspis (1)
See TIS42R. (6)
43R8/3158.Discoveries with A&B procedures. (2) See TIS43R
44MR8/3158 M: Shape families intro: first variable use of Seahorse;
R: A & B inspis (delta=8 ) (part 1) (Inspi)
TIS44M Not Available Yet.
See Programming and Thinking.
See TIS44R with TIS43R.
45M9/0359 Sub-Procedures. Making PERSON (1)TIS45M is OK (background noise cliips 1-4; clip 5 is Good).
See Programming and Thinking.
TIS45M. (5)
46MR9/0359M: Sub-Procs: Making PERSON (2);
R: INSPI: use of prime deltas
See Programming and Thinking.
For TIS46M, see TIS45M.
See TIS46R.
47M9/0460Elaborating PERSON & debugging(1of2)TIS47M is OK (background noise).
See Programming and Thinking.
TIS47M. (5)
48MR9/0460 M: Completing PERSON (2 of 2);
R: Inspi’s from Hal’s book of examples;
M: a Little Seahorse
See Programming and Thinking.
For TIS48M, see TIS47M.
See TIS48R Hal’s Book.
49R9/0761INSPI families: wonderful work See TIS49R.
50M9/0761 Seahorse: ideas about variationsTIS50M is good. See Numbers and Thinking. TIS50M. (5)
51M9/0862 M: Seahorse discoveries;
S: 22-69
TIS51M is good. See Numbers and Thinking. TIS51M. (5)
52R9/1364“Shoot Final”; descriptions of the space;
Making a sub for CARRIER
See TIS52R.
53M9/1364Letter for Maria: a project of Miriam’s choosingTIS53M is good (with background noise). See Introducing Writing. TIS53M. (5)
54R9/1465Sub-procedures <- MAKEDO: CARRIER reformat mp2 files or redigitize (in Q4,2012)
55M9/1465 X-Y coordinates: Carrier; multiple Pretty FlowersTIS55M is good (with background noise). See Spatial Thinking. TIS55M. (5)
TIS#Child1977VHSFinal Profile: ThemesVideo quality and Relevant Links Video Links
56M9/21 Puzzles: Miriam’s methods. TIS56M is OK (not “good” because of high background noise level). TIS56M. (4)
57M9/21X Puzzle Finale
Intro: Behavior Simulation
TIS57MA is good. See clip 4 on Panel TIS56M.
TIS57M is good. PIGLET: a scurrying turtle and the trap
See TIS56M.
TIS57M. (2)
58MR9/22X Clay: Mixed conservation responses.
Compare Rob’s responses.
TIS58M is good. See TIS06M initial analyses.
TIS58R is good. See TIS07R for initial trials.
TIS58M (4)
See TIS58R.
59M9/25X Balance: a physical system with two variables.TIS59M is good. Ten short segments. For comparison, see text analysis from TIS11M in Beam Balance. TIS59M. (10)
60R9/28X Balance Experiment & Shape FamiliesTIS60R is good. See TIS60R.
61M9/28X Class Inclusion, 1-1 Correspondence,
Shape Families
TIS61M is good, but the clips here, among the first produced, need to upgraded to standard. TIS61M. (4)
(upgrade required)
62MR9/29X Backspinning; Fermi Spool
Compare Rob’s responses
TIS62M is good. For comparison, see TIS62R. This is about balancing opposing forces. TIS62M (6)
See TIS62R.
63M10/01X Hanoi Tower; H.T. Analog;
TIS63M is good. For comparison, see TIS64R and the text analyses, Hanoi Tower Puzzle, and Hanoi Tower Analog. TIS63M. (10)
64R10/1&8XHanoi Tower; inclusion and islands See TIS64R.
Physical Skills; teacher role reversal
TIS65A is good. It’s embedded in LC2a Video, whose purpose is to sketch a broader characterization of Miriam in this archive. TIS65A. (1)
66M10/04XTic tac toe and Hexapawn
TIS66M is good. See Tictactoe Vignette Collection.
See One Child’s Learning: Tictactoe (16pp.).
See One Child’s Learning: Tictactoe (44pp.).
See Strategic Thinking.
See AI from Piagetian Constructivism
67R10/04X Tic tac toe and HexapawnTIS67R is good. See TIS67R. (3)
68M10/07X Bending Rods: separation of variablesTIS68M is good. See TIS20M for initial trial. For comparison, see TIS19R and TIS69R. TIS68M. (6)
69R10/07X Bending RodsTIS69R is good. See TIS69R.
70R10/08XConstructing TracksTIS70R is good. See TIS70R.
71M10/08X Class Inclusion, Volume Judgments,
Constructing tracks (1): Combinations
TIS71M is good. See TIS01M and TIS04M for initial trials.
Clips D, E, F, and G begin Panel TIS72M because they start the “Constructing Tracks” experiment completed on TIS72M.
TIS71M (3)
See TIS72M.
72M10/08X Constructing tracks (2)TIS72M is good. See TIS13M for first trial. For comparison, see TIS18R and TIS70R. TIS72M. (10)
73M10/16X Inspi Symmetry TIS73M. (6)
74MR10/19X Robby Introduces Wumpus digitized but NAY

End of series

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