P146D: Playing with Peggy’s Toys 27mb

P146D Clip Notes

Notes: 3:09 by Analyst, 10/2/2013
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Peggy’s Toys
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: Peg: (pulling toys “on stage”) I play with these toys ’cause they want to be played with.  Bob: “Is that right?  They want to be played with?” Peg: “Yeah, they want to.” 
Bob: “Do they want me to play with them, or just you?”  Peg: “You gonna play with me and toys.”   Bob: “OK” (aside “how far along are we, Gretchen?”  GPL: “135.”) 
Bob: (bouncing the horse toward Peggy)  Peg: “Hi”  Bob: “Hi.”  Peg: (chicken runs away).  Bob: “:Where’d that chicken go?”  Peg: (bouncing the toy on her knee) “Right here!” 
Bob: “There you are.  I see you.  You want a ride, chicken?”  Peg: “Yeah.”  Bob: “OK.  Get on my back.”   Bob: (Giddy-ump, giddy-ump, uh-oh, we’ve come to a river.  Will you stay on my back?”  Peg: “OK”  Bob: ” Here we go in the river…
Bob: Hey, chicken , where did you go?”  Peg: (moving away) “Way up there.” 
Bob: “You must have read the Gingerbread man….” Bob: (horse nosing around for chicken)  GPL: “Whoever heard of a horse eating chicken?” 
Episode B: Peg: “Don’t eat me!”  Bob: (as horse) “Why not?” Peg: ” ‘Cause I’m not food.”  Bob: “You’re not? I thought you were a chicken.”  Peg: “Oh.” (lifts up the horse) “Run, run.  He just eat ’em…. Run, run.   He needs to rest now.” 
Bob: “You know what?… Here comes a rabbit… Gobble, gobble, gobble.(eating the horse) ”  Peg: “Run, run” (turning away).  “He runs away from the rabbit.”  Bob: “Did you know that horses are food too?”  Peg: “Hi.”  Bob: “Hi, come here, food.” GPL: “And so are rabbits!”  Bob: “Rabbits?  Rabbits are food too? Ahh!” (hiding behind Bob).  Peg: “Don’t eat me.”  Bob: “He’s hiding.”  Peg: (confusion here) “Run, run.. He run away… Hi”    Bob: Good.  
Peg: “Hi!”  Bob: “Hi.”  Peg: “Hi.  Don’t eat me.”  Bob: “I won’t eat you if you don’t eat me.”   Peg: “OK.”  Bob: “Good.  It’s a good deal then.”  Peg: “Yep.”
Episode C: Peg: ?unclear? “Give you a ride.”  ?unclear?  Bob: (picking up the chicken) “Don’t believe him.  He really ate me.” 
Peg: “Don’t eat me.”  Bob: (the Bunny again) “OK.  I’ll eat you.” 
Peg: “No!. Don’t eat me.” (now with both animals, rotating on her seat) “Run, run… they are running around ?unclear? “They are running around ?to wake? the dog.” 
Bob: “No, I don’t think you should wake up the dog. Leave the poor dog alone.” 
Peg: “I think it’s not dark outside yet.” 
Bob: “She can sleep anyway, even if it’s not dark outside yet.” 
EpisodeD: Peg: (making noises, still near the dog; looking back at Bob)   “They’re walking away… hop, hop.” 
Bob: Peggy, would you like to play with my other toys?”  Peg: “What? … What?” 
Bob: “The toys over there.”  Peg: “Oh yeah.” (pushing her toys into a pile and crossing to get the standard toys). “You can play with these.” 
Bob: “OK. We’ll play with these toys later too.”
Limited repertoire, drama from danger, “gingerbread man” story in the background, interactions with adult participant, justification for waking the dog

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.

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