P041B2: Pointing & Choice, 6mb

P041B2 Clip Notes

Notes:1:12 by Analyst, 2/25/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Choosing between Doll/Rattle and Dish
Actors,Aims Peggy in High Chair with GPL; Bob on camera. Capturing the “impure point” on video.
Episode A:
none others
GPL: Peggy, I have two things here which one do you want? Do you want this? (Shaking the plastic doll) or do you want this? (Shaking the dish in her right hand) do you want the rattle? (Raising and moving it) or you want the bowl? (Raising that and shaking it also) which one do you want?
Peggy: Ummm.… (Noises of frustration: Peggy holds out her right arm in the direction of the plastic doll with her hand gesturing toward it, but with her fingers limp and directed down, at 24 – 25 seconds)
GPL: which?
Bob: Which one do you want, Peg?
GPL: (raising the plastic doll) is this the one you want? Or is this the one you want? (Raising the dish)
Peggy: (noises of frustration; louder noises of increasing frustration, not angry)
GPL: can you point and tell me which one you want?
Peggy: (noises of increasing frustration; kicking her feet)
GPL: you want this? (shaking the plastic doll) do want this? (Shaking the dish)
Peggy: (near crying, with no tears however)
GPL: you are looking at me like I should know which one you want.
Peggy: (more frustration noises – gesturing with her right arm, as though reaching for the object, but with her fingers limp and hanging down – at 58 seconds; an “impure point.”)
GPL: you want this? (Slowly moving the plastic doll to Peggy’s outstretched hand)
Peggy: (mouthing the plastic doll with satisfaction)
Bob: Okay. That’s very nice..… Thank you, Peggy. You’re very helpful today; you’re a real sweetheart!
impure point
First, at 24-25 seconds into the clip; second at 58 seconds, near the end.
Transition from “reaching for” to “pointing at”; examples of the “impure point.”

Panel P041, Social Interactions & Communication, Object Exploration, Physical Development

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