Peggy Study, Panel P080 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration Source: (Lawler); date: 8/5/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show the relevance of touch in confirming personal permanence through an opaque object (Pane C1) and then, of sight of one’s self in comprehending penetration of an object with a hole (Pane C3). This is relevant to …

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3V0566.01 Twirling : 08/11/79; Peggy enjoys “dancing” whenever I play a recording of fast music. To her basic step — a bobbing at the knees (with feet firmly planted) conjoined with a waving of arms — Peggy has now added a second, turning in place. I can’t document the source of this twirling, but I …

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3V0563.01 Scissors : 08/08/79; Prospecting for playthings one place or another, Peggy came up with a pair of children’s safety scissors. Even though they have rounded ends, I feared Peggy could hurt herself by pinching her fingers and bade her put them on my writing table. After putting them down, Peggy pointed at them decisively …

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3V0562.01 Where dada : 08/07/79; Bob went up to Boston yesterday morning. This afternoon Peggy came into our bedroom and looked around, especially at his chair, and said, “Where Dada’.” Today (8/11) Bob has gone again, and Peggy has been wandering around off and on calling Dada, sometimes imperiously, sometimes inquiringly.