LC0aO2j: Rebuilding in Home Garage ^

New wiring harness out to dashboard

LC0aO2j4: Wiring: new harness and replacement parts (25)
Starter motor and cable; new voltage regulator; connecting generator to wiring harness.
Replacing generator with tachometer generator; Jacking up body for under-body work.
Jacked up all the way, on safe stands; ready for under-body work.
Through the firewall, into the tub to the dashboard; under the body to the rear.
To lamps, rear and front, and charging the battery.
Stereo and speaker under dash

LC0aO2j4a: Stereo Add-on (9)
Sony Stereo and Speakers mounter under cowl, after bench tests.
Carb mounted air filters

LC0aO2j5: Engine/Drive Train (14)
Carburetors disassembled and installed; attaching air filters; the distributor cap and wires,
base on engine: and connected; new names plates installed; transmission and drive shaft covers.
Installing right entry cover

LC0aO2j6: Body Detail (12)
Bonnet set aside; finishing running boards, door stops, entry trim. Stowing side curtains.
Painted rim on left front wheel

LC0aO2j7: Suspension and Wheels (9)
Painting the rims, with a finish coat after new tires mounted. Plus new hub caps!
Windshield: so many pieces!

LC0aO2jD: Windshield Assembly (11)
RE-chromed frame rebuilt; windshield installed with help; cleaning and re-installing
wipers and motor, and frame-bottom flashing.
Checking the oil pump and filter mounting

LC0aO2jF: Oil Leak Check and Pressure Vent (6)
Finding oil drops on the floor, a search begins.
Old and new dashboards and panels

LC0aO2jI: Dashboard (29)
Beginning replacement of the old cloth-faced dash with wood veneer dashboard.
Re-fitting dash board cutout glove box door and protecting the surface. Transferring
hole placements from the old wood under-panel to the new; chrome strip edging.
Integrating trim and gauges into the new dashboard. Swapping the connected gauges
in the old control panel into the new control panel. Bracing speedometer and tach.
Installing the rebuilt dashboard.
Using a gear-puller to remove the old wheel

LC0aO2jK: Steering Wheel (6)
Removing the original steering wheel and replacing it with a new one.
New and old bumper covers

LC0aO2jM: Bumpers (14)
Separating the bumpers from the chromed face plates, new bumper guards, cleaning and
rust proofing the bumper parts; installing the luggage rack and bumpers. On display.
Undercoating the right rear wheel well

LC0aO2jN: Undercoating (7)
Protecting the new metal and wood everywhere exposed.
Side curtain storage top and door

LC0aO2jO: Side Curtains and Storage (14)
Completing the side curtain storage box; installing side curtain mounting hardware
Left rear side panel and wheel cover

LC0aO2jP: Upholstery (37)
Setting up the new upholstery and rugs to identify all the pieces. Beginning to transfer
attachment points. Starting coverage of fixed pieces; setting up seat back and cushions.
Arm rest; Emergency brake cover. Upholstered door panels and installation of door closer
hardware. Nailing down the panels. Glueing upholstery on side panels. Placing side panels.
Tacking down the boot carpeting. Upholstery of right door; addition of chromed cover.
Seat cushion floor stops on the wood base, then over installed rug.
Successful compression test

LC0aO2jQ: Ready for a Road Test? (4)
Ready to go, after a successful compression test.
Locating rear side curtain contacts

LC0aO2jR: Soft Top (16)
Existing soft top (rarely used); in place for cleaning and temporary use; installing upholstered
new wood; completing the side curtain storage box and installing the soft top.
Front splash pan fit

LC0aO2jS: Front Splash Pan Installation (13)
An example of the general process: trial fitting, surface prep, primer paint, finish paint, and installation.
Emergency brake handle; brake cables

LC0aO2jU: Emergency Brake (7)
Installing the new emergency brake over the drive shaft rug covering.
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