P151D: Standard Objects: cups and boxes, 19mb

P151D Clip Notes

Notes:4:03 by Analyst, 4/22/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
:03 to 1:02
Peggy: (picking up the ring tower puzzle in its solved state, Peggy turns it upside down.)
Bob: What did you say, Mrs. Smith has one of those?
Peggy: one of those. (Holding down the stack of rings with her left hand, Peggy extracts the base and the conical shaft from the set of rings. The stack of rings stays intact. She places the base on the ground, then sets it up so that the cylindrical shaft is pointed upright, and proceeds to put ring 1 in place on the shaft followed by ring 2.)
Peggy: (looking at the toy tray) where the big one? Where the big one, dad?
GPL: the green one?
Bob: The big one. (Removing box 1 from the toy tray)
Peggy: where the big one, dad?
Bob: You don’t need the big one, do you?
Peg: (locating the large ring in the toy tray and taking it to her lap, Peggy removes the two rings already in place, that is ring 2 and ring 1. Peggy puts the big one –ring 0 — in the bottom position on the conical shaft. She then proceeds to replace the two previously removed rings on the shaft, with ring 2 on top of ring 0, and ring 1 on top of ring 2. Continuing to lift rings from the previously ordered stack, Peggy puts ring 3 on top of ring 1, ring 4 on ring 3, and, trying to add ring 5, she errs and it slips out of her hand to floor.)
Bob: well, having that big one around certainly introduces some confusion —
Peggy: (speaking excitedly by incomprehensibly.)
Bob: — at least for us if not for her.
Peggy: (reaching for a large cup in the toy tray, Peggy adds that to the flat top of the solved ring tower puzzle.) Big! (She lays down on her side to see how big the solved ring tower puzzle is with a cup on top.)… I made it big.
Bob: You sure did.
Episode B:
1:03 to 2:35
Bob: I’m going to make a big tower. (Selecting some cups from the toy tray).
Peggy: with this? (Pointing at the large cup on top of the ring towers stack)
preliminary note: from this point forward Bob tries to lead Peggy in building tall tower from the nesting cups.… With a bit of help, Peggy succeeds in building a tower of 8 cups and then, disaster. The construct tilts and falls.
Episode C:
2:36 to 3:07
preliminary note: during this short episode, the attempt to reconstruct the cup tower was not effective.
Episode D:
3:08 to 4:03
Nesting Box Tower demonstration/competition:
In the midst of this play, Bob attempts to get Peggy to characterize herself as a kid or perhaps as a toddler, the resolution appears to be “a little kid,” but is unclear.
Bob: oh well, I can make a higher one with this (turning over box 1 so that it’s solid face is upwards.) I’m going to make a big tower with this. (He selects box 2 and places it on top of the closed face of box 1, with its closed face on top. Selecting box 3 he places that on top of the closed face of box 2, with its own closed face on top.)
Peg: can I help? (As she places another cup on top of her stack of 5 cups.)
Bob: why sure, go ahead.
Peg: (now removing the cups that she had placed on top of her 5 cup tower, she says: I can make my big tower be finished.… There’s my – (she places her set of containing cups on top of the stack of 5 cups in her tower.)
Bob: (pointing to another cup floor) oh, you left out when out there.
Peg: sorry, dad. (As she adds that to her other cups)
Bob: that’s okay, kid.
Peg: (uncertain interpretation) now I’m only kid.
Bob: well what are you, if you’re not a kid?
Peg: (as she continues playing with her cups – the following interchange is very hard to interpret) I’m a kinky kid. (Did a sibling say this to her? Do I hear it wrong? It is clear Bob does not understand it at the instant.
Bob: you are a Tintin kid?
Peg: no. I’m not either. (As she struggles with one cup stuck inside another) This is stuck.
Bob: here, I’ll help. (Holding out a hand to take the cups from her.) Are you a little kid?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: are you a toddler?
Peg: no. Mimi sometime I’m a toddler. (Alternative possible meaning: maybe sometime I’m a toddler?)
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P151, Hanoi Tower Puzzle, Letter and Number Shapes, Discrete Quantity

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