P146G: Nesting Boxes and Cups 29mb

P146G Clip Notes

Notes: 6:25 by Analyst: News, 7/03/2013; P146GdetailsA, 10/12/13; P146GdetailsEF, 10/12/13; P146GdetailsH, 10/12/13;
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Nesting Boxes as well as Nesting Cups
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:

Starts with Peg completing asssembly of nesting cups.
Bob: “Good for you! You did it again.” Peg: “Yep.”
Peg: pours out the cups onto the floor to repeat her performance and Bob interrupts, challenging her with with a “harder” problem if she is willing.
Bob: walks off camera to get the nesting boxes; her glance follows him, a look of uncertainty on her face.
Bob: puts down the boxes, asking “Do you think you can do it with these?”
Peg responds confidently “Oh yeah. I can do it with those.”
Bob: I don’t believe it.” Peg continues organizing the cups for stacking. Bob: interrupts
Episode B:

Bob: “Could you turn around this way, Peggy?” Then he collects all the cups. She moves, but not as he wanted, so he taps on the floor and says, “Sit over here.” She does then starts drawing the cups to her.
Episode C:

Peg: says “******” expressing an intention to asssembly all the cups, and then proceeds to do so, commenting on her actions / thinking out loud. She starts saying “No,” when running into an insertion block, and then proceeds directly to remove the blocking cup to make room for the candidate in her hands.
Bob: notes she got “a whole lot of yesses there and hardly any ‘no’s’.”
Episode D:

Bob: pushes forward the nesting boxes, in various orientations and positions, “Do you think you can make these go together ?” As she leans over to the boxes, he removes the cups “I’ll get these out of your way” and Peg expresses objection but no verbal protest.
Bob: says I’ll give them back in a little bit, OK?”
Episode E:
at 2:0
Peg: Picks up the smallest box and inserts it into the large box (at 2:0), saying “You go like this-a-way.” picking up the medium size box. She sees the small box blocking and removes it and tries inserting the medium box in the large one in an off-orientation and without aligning the corners.
Peg: Then says “you gotta play those a little bit,” while rotating the medium box on top of the large one.
Peg: “There’s it fit” and let’s it down.
Episode F:
at 2:10
Immediately picking up the small box (at 2:10) she changes her plan, moving to insert the assembled boxes into the largest one — whose orientation she needs to change and does so with one hand while holding the other boxes with the other. She gets it in directly, then turns to and picks up the smallest box, inserts it in the stack and says, “I did it.”
Bob: “I didn’t think you could do it.” GPL: “Wow!”
Episode G:
at 2:24
Bob: returns the collection of nesting cups to P. (at 2:24) turning them all upside down (presenting the alternate stacking challenge) but…
Peg: says “And I can turn them all up.” She proceeds to do so and concludes, “I did it.” (at 3:13).
Episode H:
at ~3:13
Peg: returns to assembly of nesting cups, making two wrong-size insertion attempts. She continues with the verbal commentary of “no’s” when she sees a blockage. She runs into a number of problems;
Bob: says “she apparently has not realized yet that the sinking of one cup completely within another indicates there is an order problem.” GPL disagrees.
Bob: asks “Is it clear to you as it appears to me she doesn’t pay much attention to the color, though it may have something to do with memorizing short sequences.”
Peg: completes stack at 5:15.
Bob: There you are. What do you think.”
Peg: “That makes my big city.”
Episode I:
at ~5:15
Bob: tries to interest Peg in “another kind of big city you can build with the same cups,” but she is resistant and keeps them to herself, again distributing the cups for re-executing the inclusion activity.
Unclear dialogue *****. (ends at 6:25)
This video panel culminates the triumph of order, and Peggy’s mastery of physical inclusion relations with those familiar toys of years’ long-standing. Her achievement was exactly as Mimi Sinclair had projected, around the end of her third year. How precisely she developed in this line is one of the core themes of the Infant Peggy Study. It will be the first exploration in respect of space and the relations of objects in space.

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.

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