3V0583.02 [fan]: indistinct initial consonant; her accepting correction. 8/28/79

Terrible, muggy weather with the atmosphere filled with pollen and
mold spores. I set up the fan to pull cold air from the air conditioned
bedroom down to the dining room. Peggy came over to play with the
new object and was warned away because of the danger. She tried to
name it before we did and her best attempt came out as /vaen/. After
a few repetitions of /faen/ (by me), Peggy accepted correction and
referred to the object as /faen/.

Relevance: Peggy’s evident pleasure I interpret as evidence that she
knows she has “caught on” to naming — that even though sounds may
be ever so similar (as /vaen/ and /faen/ and as /faen/ and /caen/, one
can make a one-to-small-number correspondence between words and
possible meanings. (“meanings” here being the names of things or

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