P018: the cast (video): introducing infant Peggy, Mom (GPL), Sibs (Rob, Miriam), Pet (Scurry). Peggy’s local world.


3V0131.01 Peggy’s technique for eating cereal (a problem solved) (6/02/78) Yesterday I observed Peggy had a fully developed technique for coping with her cereal. She sat in her chair with a fist in her mouth. when a spoonful of cereal approached, she removed her hand, keeping her mouth open wide until the food was inside. …

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3V0127.01 Grabbing and sucking an extended finger (5/29/78) Monday (5/29) we were preparing to make our first videotape of Peggy at 18 weeks. she sat in her chair while Bob got the camera set up and observed the effects on the bedroom TV. I came over to investigate and held out a finger to Peggy. …

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3V0126.01 Nursing: socialization and vocalizations; “owl cup” fascination 05/28/78 text needs to be recovered from earlier documents