3V1246.01 Edit Shape 16: Miriam makes a pony shape for Peggy (6/21/81)

Miriam made a PONY shape and procedure for Peggy’s BEACH WORLD. After I saved these on a tape and Miriam went away, Peggy took over her computer again, In the interim, somehow the shape had been cleared (perhaps a crash). At any rate, Peggy keyed ES 16 and received a blank grid (this was the shape Miriam had used). When I asked what she was doing, Peggy answered, “I’m making a PONY.” But her goal was too hard. I told her to hold down the shift key and use arrows to move the blinker. She only succeeded at criss cross patterns of straight lines. when asked again what she was making, Peggy replied, “An important thing.” I told her I was glad of that.

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