P105B1: Standard Objects, 14mb

P105B1 Clip Notes

Notes: 2:58 by Analyst, 4/8/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 – 1:21
Ring Tower: solving a problem
Bob: (offscreen) you might like to play with some of them.
Peg: (uncertain) box?
Bob: that’s the box, okay? (Putting it down on the floor)
Peg: nice.
Bob: yeah. You want to play?
Peg: (unclear utterance)
Bob: let me set the camera then I’ll play with you if you want…. Gretchen, would you take charge of the camera here, please?
GPL: (offstage; Yep)
peg: (while Bob was speaking, Peggy lifts the ring tower, with ring 0 already in place, and puts it on the floor sitting down behind it. Selecting ring B equal ring 4, she puts it on the conical shaft, then reaches for ring C equal ring 6 and puts it on the shaft.)
Bob: (probably noticing the order of the 3 rings, he says: Oh, nice.
Peg: (squeezing the 2 top rings together then pushing down on them, she says: daddy, come.
Bob: yeah, I’ll come. (He comes into view at the edge of the screen.)
Peg: (she removes all 3 rings from the conical shaft, setting them on the floor: in the order they appear it on the ring tower. Selecting ring A equal ring 6 she puts that on the conical shaft, where it remains in the top position – after missing in the 1st trial. She says: got it.
Bob: good for you!
Peg: (selecting ring B equal ring 4, she gestures to put it on the shaft with her left hand, but stops midway, removing ring 6 from the shaft. Having dropped ring 4 on the floor by her left knee, she drops ring 6 on the floor the on her right thigh. Picking up the ring tower she turns it over and smacks the bottom of the base twice.
Bob: that’s very interesting, peg.
Peg: (continuing her process behind Bob’s comment, she holds the ring tower in her left hand with the base in her lap; selecting ring A equal ring 6 with her right hand, she slips it on the top of the conical shaft.)
Bob: can you put the others on?
Peggy: (now holding the ring tower shaft in her right hand, peg selects ring B equal ring 4 with her left hand and sets it on top of ring 6.)
Bob: good.
Peg: (selecting ring C equal ring 0 with her left hand, she adds that on top of ring 4, at the same time saying: more?
Bob: more? Okay. (Ring 0 slips off and falls to the floor.) He asks: what’s the matter?
Peg: (removing ring B equal ring 4 and ring A equal ring 6, she sets them on the floor and says, without clarity: (sounds like: me we)
Bob: (questioning repetition, for clarification: it’s leaving? I don’t understand.
Peg: (with her right hand putting ring A equal ring 0 back in the toy tray, with her left hand she selects ring B and puts it on the shaft. With her right hand she selects ring C equal ring 6, puts it on the top of the conical shaft and pats it down. Reaching out with her right hand, she selects ring A, now ring D equal ring 0, and adds that to the top of the shaft and on top of ring 6.
Bob: Bob that’s very nice… Very skillful, dear.
Peg: (turning her attention to the tube, peg ends this episode.)
Episode B:
1:22 – 2:15
Tube and Ball:
Episode C:
2:16 – 2:58
“Picture Taking” (view through Tube):
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:
Episode A exhibits a concrete example of problem solving based on the order issue. Question: when she smacks the ring tower bottom is she punishing the ring tower for not permitting ring 4 to go below ring 6?
NB. in Episode C, her view through the tube as “picture taking.”

Panel P105, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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