3V0018.1 Bob comforts Peggy during the night 2/9/78; 0;18/

Near midnight this morning, Peggy woke Gretchen, apparently ready for a late night snack. After nursing for only a few minutes, she lost interest. Gretchen got quite frustrated at being waked to no purpose and returned Peggy, crying again, to her crib. When I could stand the noise no more (it was not too loud in itself, but I felt Peggy was keeping Gretchen awake), I picked up Peggy and walked her up and down the loft. I had no intention of continuing this exercise, but Peggy would not suffer quietly being put down. I climbed back into bed, still holding her and continued to do so for half an hour or more before rising to write this note. Peggy has taken my place in bed, but she is quiet.

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