3V112002 Squirting (skunks; rabbits squirt with their ears.) (2/15/81) Peggy has a skunk… it attacks other animals by SQUIRTING them with its tail. (Does this show the influences of Robby, Miriam ?) Squirting is NOT limited to the skunk. Most other animals also squirt from tails. An exception is the rabbit. It has a button …

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3V0555.01 [Car, car, go, go]: (07/31/79) I was taking Peggy and Scurry for a walk. I carried Peggy out to the garage and seated her in the stroller. Peggy waved her hand around and cried, “Ca’, ca’, go ca’,” indicating she wanted to go for a ride. She has often said “Ca’” under those circumstances, …

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3V0544.01 “reading” Scientific American: 07/20/79 Since Miriam offered to “read the book” (Madeline), Peggy has pestered us to read to her. The selection is surprising. Today she came careening through the gallery pass-way waving a Scientific American and saying distinctly (to herself — she was nowhere near me yet) [read]. We did, after lunch, “read” …

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3V0472.01 Doing “Headstands” (5/9/79) Once she started toddling about, Peggy began “headstands,” i.e. with her feet firmly planted wide apart, she brings her head and hands down to the floor and peers between her legs. Peggy has done this several times when I was nearby and, catching my eye, laughed gleefully as if this were …

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Vignette 11.2 of The Intimate Study source materials. Unpublished. Robert W. Lawler.