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P146F Clip Notes

Notes: 4:38

by Analyst: News, 7/05/2013; P146FdetailsBF 10/12/13; P146FdetailsG 10/12/13; Meaning NAY

Cedar Hall, Family Room: Nesting Cups (all)

Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
at 0:20

Bob: gets “missing” cups for Peg [asks if she can play with ring tower again]
Bob: “Or I can just give you all these cups.” [dropping them on the floor in front of her] Peg “Yeah….Thank you.”
Bob: “Peggy, I’ll tell you what. I would like you to sit right here.” [he moves her around, while she picks up cups; she again turns away from the camera.]
Episode B:
at 0:40

Bob: [emptying cups onto floor, point] “How’d that get in there?” Peg [continues putting cups inside]
Bob: “Oh you put that in there?” Peg “Yep.” [tries another cup, blocked by the one already in it.
Peg: [removes inside cup, places larger one inside, then puts the removed cup inside the additional one.]
Peg: [picks up another two cups, removes those just inserted, and places the latest 2 cups inside the big one. Then tries the removed cups, still in hand. Blocked.] “No.”
Peg: [selects a smaller cup which will fit; takes out one, puts in another. Hesitates. {Appears not to know which she should prefer.}
Peg: [takes out the last single cup inserted; replaces the 2 cups from left hand, then inserts the just removed cup inside the 2 cups..]
Peg: [ she backs off from inserting the smallest nearby cup in the current string.]
Episode C:
at 1:13

Peg: [reaches for large included cup. It is smaller than her container, but she tries putting the container and its string inside the included cup. Fails.] She works it out in the minute up to 2:00
Episode D:
at 2:??

Peg: [tops up her stack , inserting smaller cups, apparently beginning to check for size visually before inserting her next candidate…]
Episode E:
at 2:38

Peg: [while inserting one small cup, Peg spies an unincorporated larger cup; removes her stack from container and inserts IT in the bigger cup, then reinserts her stack in the container. Adds little cup, thinking she is finished,says “there we go” then spies another little cup. and adds in several different trials , and concludes.] “There we go.” ~3:00 Bob “Wow!”
Episode F:
at 3:00

Bob: I bet you’re proud of yourself, aren’t you?” Peg: Yeah.”
Bob: “Well, you should be; that’s pretty complicated.”
Peg: [empties the stacked cups onto the floor. Some stick together.] Bob: “Do you need help getting them apart?”
Peg: [pushes cups over to Bob; as he has a bit of trouble, one-handed.] Peg: “I do this.”
Bob: [ setting up cups.] “Well, you got ’em all.” Peg: “yep.” [P. sets all cups so open side is up.]
Episode G:
at 3:31

Bob: “Do you think you can figure out a way of putting these together without ever having to say No?”
Peg: [trying one cup in another; fail] “No.”
Peg: [inserting cups, in very good order.] Bob: Looks like you’re almost doing it.]
Peg: notices large cups not in her stack~3:55. She removes most of her stack from the container, picks up the large cup, and inserts her former container in it.] “No.” [appears to think she is near completion, then spots the omitted cup, removes her stack; blocked by former container; removes it and puts it in the omitted cup, replacing both in the big cup and re-inserts her stack in the new multi-cup container ~4:22.]
Peg: puts in last cup,.
Bob: “You did it again! Good for you!.” [introduces the Nesting Boxes Challenge at 4:31]

In this clip we begin to see Peg make use of the idea of order, just made salient with the Ring Tower rings, and use it to simplify her insertion procedures for meeting this challenge.

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.

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