3V0876.01 More role articulation: (toilet training) (6/26/80) Peggy has been much engaged with toilet training (mainly from social pressure plus a little direct instruction). For example, when I called home from Boston last week, she was so proud of herself she explained having taken off her coat and dress and that she had pissed in …

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3V0728.01 CAUSE – toilet training; cause, agent, effect (1/20/80) We have tried to interest Peggy in using a small toilet. She plays with it, pushing around the house, chasing the dog with it, and so forth – investigating the removable pot and peering at it every which way. Now she knows the clothes come off …

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3V0707.01 Color names: beginning of a long story. (12/30/79) Peggy wears plastic pants over her diapers. Most are transparent. One pair is pink and she prefers that pair. While changing her recently, Gretchen began putting on a pair of transparent pants. Peggy cried plaintively, “Black, black” while pointing in the direction of the pink pants …

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3V0700.02 Knives and spoons: learning the word “fork”; called initially a spoon; when I named the object as fork, she called it a “foon”; counting incident. (12/23/79) When the dishwasher cycle ended, I asked Miriam to put away the dishes. Helpful Peggy was easily recruited. She started selecting silverware from the dishwasher and carried it …

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3V0664.01 Important observation and speculation: hiatus in holophrastic period as structure transition indicator; its disappearance indicates a new level of organization (11/17/79) [following write-up of [bear come peggy] incident — This last incident contrasts with what has been Peggy’s normal usage in situations of accompaniment. It has been typical that when Peggy saw some action …

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3V0650.01 Diminutive “y”; is it a personal relation indicator, nominal date inserted: 11/3/79 from “Early November” Peggy has been appending the “y” suffix to a number of words, e.g. “dog” has become (on occasion) “doggy.” She exhibits the typical extension in using any new feature. For example, not only has the dog become “doggy” an …

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3V0586.02 /bae/bae/: general purpose word (noun) where /thaet/ was the general word of imperious force. 8/31/79 Over the past week or two, this sound pattern has taken over Peggy’s speech. It seems to have replaced /thaet/ in the latter’s application as the general pronoun, i.e. “baba” may refer to Peggy’s Teddy Bear, my pillow, a …

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