3V0699.01 Peggy’s first arch. (12/22/79)

During many experiments, Peggy has played with the blocks shown in
this picture, has even been shown an arch (in P??) — but she exhibited
little interest in the blocks except as objects to pile and kick over.

At the end of P99, Peggy took these blocks and piled them by my
typewriter. After playing with other toys or books, Peggy said “blocks”
and began bringing these one by one to a pile in the middle of the
floor. She did her usual things – standing the skinny blocks on end up
on the “biggies” (so she calls them). As she brought the square blocks
over, one, by one, she piled them up. sitting down, Peggy set the large
rectangular on end and, after adding a small square to the other pillar,
capped the arch with a second large rectangle. “Nice?” she asked.

insert Arch picture here

I congratulated her, and took this picture, during the doing of which
Peggy once peered at me through the opening between the pillars.
Peggy did not intend to build an arch. Her peering through the opening
indicates she noticed a “special” thing about an arch. She had the
opportunity to construct other arches (as she continued playing with
the blocks) but she did not do so. The next day, Peggy once again got
out these blocks and built a single tower of squares which pleased her
as much as the arch.

Peggy has been fascinated by the picture above. She first referred to
her image as a “baby” but afterwards referred to it as “peggy.” (We
told her it was Peggy, those myriad times she has come to us requesting
to see the picture.)

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