P153E2: Standard Objects (2), 19mb

P153E2 Clip Notes

Notes:4:47 by Analyst, 3/7/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:04 to 1:50
preliminary note: Bob tries to engage Peggy in a focus on relationships between balls and the inner diameter of rings. He brings to the stool, used as a small table, compound objects, being a ball placed on top of a ring such that it will not fall through the ring. Bob places several of these on the small table and askes Peggy what she makes it. Further he switches balls among the rings so that a small ping-pong ball is placed on a ring of larger internal diameter than the diameter of the ball. Then with an exclamation, he picks up the ring– showing that the ball does not come with it.
Peggy has a different view. She declares that each ball has to be on its “own” ring; she then explains through her behavior what this notion means to her.
Bob gives up. He offers Peggy several more rings and asks if she would like to put these toys away. At this point, he brings the conical ring tower core onto the low table.
Episode B:
1:53 to 3:30
Bob: (seeing Peggy focused, on the balls and rings) well, let me get this out of the way. (Placing the conical ring tower core on the floor)
Peggy: (picking up a smaller ring, Peggy selects A equal ring 1 and places that on the ring tower core.) She says: put the smaller one on. (This appears to be the opposite of what she does.)
Bob: (lifting the ring tower core back into the small table) well, if you’re going to do that, let me put this out here.
Peggy: (selecting B equal ring 5, closest to her left hand) Oh no, no. (Peggy removes ring 5 replacing it with C equal ring 3; since that does not seat directly on ring 1, she removes it. Selecting D equal ring 4, Peggy puts it on the conical shaft. She tries to force it down to no avail. She removes it.)
Peggy: (incomprehensible phrase)
Bob: there must be something wrong with it.
Peggy: (trying again with ring 5, she pushes down and makes a sound to show she is trying hard) this on (this appears to be an expression of intention, fitting ring 6 on the conical shaft; again pushing down with noises to express effort. This had no better affect then the earlier trials.)
Bob: maybe they’re all broken?
Peggy: (holding up a ring to show Bob) they are all fixed.
Peggy: (after a short pause) why they don’t fit?
Bob: why they don’t fit. I don’t know.
Peggy: (selecting E equal ring 3) try this… Doesn’t. (A gap remains between ring 1 and ring 3)
Bob: do you know, that you have another one here? (As he lifts ring 2 onto the small table; while he speaks, Peggy places ring 5 on the conical shaft, leaving a gap between itself and ring 3.)
Peggy: will it fit? (Asked as she begins removing the previously installed rings)
Bob: I don’t know.
Peggy: maybe they all broken.
Bob: maybe they are all broken. (As he removes ring 3 from the shaft) what would it mean if one of these was broken?? I mean, how could it be broken?
Peggy: (while Bob is talking, Peggy puts ring 2 on the conical shaft then selects ring 3 and puts that on the conical shaft as well. Both easily fall to the well ordered positions.)
Peggy: (with ring 4 and ring 6 on the table, Bob places ring 5 on the table as well; Peggy selects ring 5 and puts it on the conical shaft; a gap remains to ring 3)
Peggy: (immediately removing ring 5 and holding it in her left hand, Peggy puts ring 4 on the conical shaft, and then adds ring 5 on the shaft also with her right hand.)
Peggy: (picking up ring 6 with her right hand she puts it on the top of the conical shaft, then looks to her left as if checking for something else, then returns to the interrupted placement of ring 6 and completes her installation of ring 6 on top of the conical shaft.)
(This completes her a solution of the ring tower puzzle.)
Bob: good for you!
Peggy: (shifting attention, Peggy squeezes between her fingersthe medium ball, which bounces across the floor)
Episode C:
3:31 to 4:47
Bob: well Peggy, it looks to me as though you’ve used up just about all these toys here, except for these beanbags. (Holding them in his hand ready to drop them in her outstretched hands) can you tell me how many beanbags we have here?
Preliminary note: in this episode, there is first a focus on counting, but Peggy changes the focus to juggling the beanbags. She refers to this as “jungling” the beanbags. (Editorial: wonderful stuff!)
The interplay of success and comprehension

Panel P153, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction

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