3V1364.01 The Effect of my New York Job (10/17/81)

While we had not yet located a place for our Logo Center, I was reluctant for Peggy to travel into New York. There has been no place for me at the NYAS (no desk, not even a chair to sit on) and I only go there when there really is work for me to do there that can’t be done here.

Rob and Miriam can pretty much take care of themselves and keep out of the way. They have come regularly with me and Peg has been left home consistently. This makes her very unhappy. She complains often, and it is true that since starting in New York I have spent much less time with her than before. This day, a Saturday, fair and warm, I took Peggy alone over to a new neighborhood park, “Bittner Park.” It was an interesting time, exploring new toys. Late in the afternoon, at the older childrens request (and with Peg’s strong support) we all got in the TD and drove to Jacob’s Beach — a last trip before winter sets in to the toys and the sea shells.

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