P141C4: Standard Objects, with Miriam (4), 18mb

P141C4 Clip Notes

Notes: 3:55 by Analyst, 4/25/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob, Miriam; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 – 2:08
Direct instruction by Bob
Bob: you want to (join us) Miriam?
Miriam: yeah.
Bob: Well, (pointing) you sit over there, Miriam.
Miriam: (entering and sitting on the floor beside Peggy, she returns the ping-pong ball.) Here’s your ball. (Setting it down on top of one of the small rings.)
Bob: let Peggy do pretty much whatever she wants, Miriam.
Peggy: (selecting ring A equal ring 2, Peg slips it on the conical shaft, she says: here’s to go way down.)
Bob: but it doesn’t go all the way down, Peggy.
Miriam: (pointing to the gap) What one goes down to here?
Peggy: (leaning down to look the gap, then sitting up) nothing… can go way down there. (Selecting ring B equal ring 6, she slips it on the shaft and pushes hard.)
Miriam: Peggy, – –
Bob: don’t push her.
Peggy: (pushing on the ring) it can’t go way down. (Smacking the ring tower base on the floor)
Miriam: that’s true.
Peggy: See, it doesn’t. (Passing the ring tower to Bob.) You make it way down, daddy.
Bob: (pressing on the ring and making a noise to indicate effort) it doesn’t go way down. (Removing the ring Bob places it on the floor.) Let’s take this one off too. (Bob pops ring 2 off the shaft, which is now empty.) I want to see if the ball goes through there (he puts the ping-pong ball in the hollow of ring 2; he picks up the ring, and the ball does not fall through.) No, it doesn’t go through.
Miriam: Hit it. See if it will go through.
Bob: (pressing the ping-pong ball with one finger) no, it still won’t go through. (Bob puts the ring with ball down on the floor.)
Bob: (picking up ring 0 while holding the ping-pong ball in his hand above the hole of the ring, he asks: will it go through here?
Peg: yeah!
Bob: (he releases the ball, which slips through the hole and falls to the floor.) You’re right!
Peg: (uncertain exclamation). (Peg captures the ping-pong ball and drops it into the whole after which it falls the floor again; she repeats the action several times.)
Miriam: (introducing a wooden box into the context while peg is still playing with the ball and the ring.)
Bob: Miriam, Miriam.
Miriam: can I do it?
Bob: no —
Peg: (she looks up at the box and takes it with her right hand, then brings it into the context of the ring 0 in the ball she have been dropping through the ring.)
Bob: I am doing something else – –
peg: (she removes the box under the ring so that the ball will drop into it)
Bob: thanks a lot Miriam….
Peg: (she drops the ball through the hole; it bounces from the bottom of the box onto the floor.)
Bob: I’m trying to do something else, anyway.
Peg: (she drops the ball through the ring into the box 2 times further.)
Bob: Peg, okay the ball goes through there. Will it go through here? (Substituting ring 2 for ring 0.)
Peg: (she makes a trial) it doesn’t.
Bob: (now substituting ring 0 in place of ring 2) will it go through here?
Peg: Yep. It does.
Bob: which one has the bigger hole?
Peg: (with the ball in her left hand, she points at ring 0) that one! (When Bob rings ring 0 over the box, she proves her judgment by dropping the ball through the hole.)
Bob: which one will go down further on the pole? (Substituting ring 2 for ring 0 over the box)
Peg: (trying the ball in the whole of ring 2) This doesn’t go through there. (Shaking her head.)
Bob: Peggy, (holding up ring 0 and ring 2) which of these will go down further on the pole?
Peggy: (with the ball in her right hand, she points ring 0 and says clearly:!)
Bob: it will? Are you sure?
Peg: Yep.
Bob: do you want to prove it?
Peg: (uninterpretable phrase).
Bob: (placing ring 0 and ring 2 in front of Peggy with the ring tower base) you decide which one of those you want to put on the pole.
Peg: (selecting ring 0, peg moves it over the wooden box and proceeds to drop the ping-pong ball through the ring into the box) there. (She does it again.) There. (She does it again from a higher level: the ball bounces out of the box and onto the floor.)
Bob: (snags the ball and holds it in his hand.)
Peg: (rising quickly, she says: I’ve got to – – – -.)
Bob: well, then we better stop the camera.
Episode B:
2:09 to 3:55
Peggy Introduces Fisher Price People & Other Characters
She plays with her toys and very little with standard objects.
Miriam joins Peggy, mostly off-stage.
Episode C:
Episode D:

Panel P141, Social Interaction Development, Vocal Communication, Object Exploration

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