P133F1: Standard Objects: Cross Type Correspondences, 17mb

P133F1 Clip Notes

Notes: 3:40 by Analyst, 5/6/2014
Setting,Props: Cedar Hall, Family Room: triple examples of classes of objects
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; Miriam on camera.
Episode A: 0:03-0:29 Unhappiness with a small set of Standard Objects:
MRL: focused on Peggy (from behind the camera).
Peg: don’t have enough toys.
Bob: (joining her in the floor) what, dear?
Peg: there’s not enough toys, mom (??).
Bob: which other toys, dear?
Peg: (indecipherable utterance; holding a slice of bread in her right hand, she lifts the ball from the toy tray and brings it to her mouth. After nibbling it a bit, she puts it down it takes a bite of the piece of bread.)
Episode B: 0:30-0:48 Documenting cross type correspondences: Balls and Cups
ob: I’d like to ask you some questions, peg. (He reorients the toy tray so Peg can be better seen.
Bob: (Bob selects 3 cups from the toy tray and puts them on the floor.) You see we have these…
Peg: (while Bob is getting out cups, Peg selects the ping-pong ball from beside her hand, first puts it in the large cup, and then in the smallest.)
Bob: (taking two balls from inside the toy tray and putting them on the floor) and you know how you put the balls in there?
Peg: yeah. (As she holds the large ball with her left hand, at the same time rolling it a short distance with her foot; she picks up the big ball and deposits it in the largest of the 3 cups.) And a big ball goes in there.
Bob: yeah.
Peg: (as she places the medium ball in the medium cup, she says: and the little ball goes in there.
Episode C: 0:48-1:20 Balls and Rings:
Bob: (while Peg puts the medium ball in the medium cup, Bob selects 3 rings from the toy tray and says: let me ask you something, Peggy. (He sets the 3 rings between the cups and the camera, not in corresponding size positions.) If you put the balls in the rings, where do they go?
Peg: (struggling to remove the smallest ball from the smallest cup – she still has a slice of bread in her right hand –)
Bob: here, do you want me to get them out for you? (He turns over the cups leaving the balls on the floor and replacing the cups in the toy tray.)
Peg: (she selects the largest ball – closest to her – and puts it directly in the center of the largest ring.) The big ball goes right there. (Selecting the ping-pong ball, the littlest one, she says: the littlest one goes – plink. (She places it in the smallest of the 3 rings. Next, she selects the middle sized ball, and places it in the middle sized ring. She starts to say an identifier for the ball, and stops; she continues: and the big ball goes – bloop.
Bob: that’s very nice, dear. (As he picks up the ring with ball combinations and places two of them back in the toy tray.)
Episode D: 1:21-2:31 Blocks and Boxes:
Bob: here, we’ve got 3 boxes (as he lifts them from the toy tray to the floor.)
Peg: (selecting the ping-pong ball from the remaining ring, she waits for Bob to put the smallest box on the floor then directly inserts the ping-pong ball into it.)
Bob: no, don’t put the balls in there now. (He pours the ping-pong ball from the small box into the toy tray.) Because I want you to put something else in.
Bob: (moving the middle sized box from the toy tray to the floor putting it to the right of the others, he asks: will you try something else?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: (noticing that the toy tray contains only 2 of the 3 blocks that he wants peg to put in the boxes, he comments: poor preparation on my part here. (Bringing 2 blocks from the toy tray to the floor and putting them behind the boxes, he says: here we’ve got 1, 2 blocks; I have to get another block, Peggy.
Peg: (while Bob rises to get another block, she selects the small block and puts it on the small box.
Bob: don’t put them in yet, peg.
Peg: (withdrawing the small block, she draws it back to herself and raises the left hand – the block still in it, to her mouth –
MRL: (from the camera) don’t eat them.
Bob: Peggy, I’ll bring it right over. (While he roots around in it toy box and returns with one, saying: here’s another block. (It is of middle size between the large block on the small block.)
Peg: (picking up the small block and putting it directly in the smallest box.)
Bob: (as she moves the first block, he asks: can you put all the blocks in the right box? That’s a girl.
Peg: (putting the largest block in the middle sized box – closest to it and in her reach – she stops and looks at Bob)
Bob: (pointing at medium-sized block on the floor directly in front of the large box, he asks: where does this one go?
Peg: (she selects the middle block and puts it directly in the big box, saying: goes in the big one (??).
Peg: (changing her mind? She puts her hand inside the middle box, extracting the large block from the middle box she says: no – (setting the large block on the floor, she selects the ball from the toy tray, saying: the ball goes there (and she drops it in).
Peg: (starting to remove blocks from the boxes, she says: no blocks in the boxies.
Bob: oh, you don’t like the blockies in the boxies?
Peg: (having difficulty removing the smallest block from the smallest box – does one still see bread in her right hand?)
Bob: here, let me help you. (Inverting the box and dropping out the block.) Here we go. (He places the box on the floor.)
Peg: (she appears up with the bread in her mouth.)
Bob: let’s try something else, Peggy.
Episode E:2:31-3:40 Probing for Inclusion of Boxes within Boxes:
Bob: let’s try something else Peggy (putting the blocks back in the toy box.)
Bob: (reaching behind her Bob brings out the largest box, box 1 and puts it in line with the other 3 on the floor, he asks: can you put all of these together? (Touching the 3 smaller boxes within outspread hand.)
Peg: (she reaches immediately into the toy tray to and starts to put themiddle ball in the middle box, box 3.)
Bob: (stopping her – he says: no, no, Peggy, I don’t want you to play with the balls. Can you put all of the boxes together?
Peg: (looking at Bob, she shakes her head to indicate yes; gesturing with the ball in her left hand she reaches out to the smallest box, and asks: right here?
Bob: (holding out his hand) no. Give me the ball. (She does so; Bob puts it in the toy tray.) You see all these boxes (touching them successively) can you put them all inside?
Peg: yeah. (She selects the medium-sized ball and drops it in the medium-sized box, box 3; selecting the ping-pong ball – the smallest ball – she drops that into the smallest box, box 4.
Bob: (selecting the largest of the 3 balls, he offers it to her asking: where does this one go?
Peg: (she gestures to put that largest of the 3 balls into the large box, box 2 – then corrects that gesture and puts it into the largest box, box 1, saying: the big (or biggie) 1.
Bob: (putting at the large box, box 2, he asks: then what goes in here?
Peg: (looking at the toy tray, she scans its contents and says: no ball!
Peg: (reaching into the toy tray, she selects a beanbag, puts it in the large box and says: (uncertainly) I may be find it through here. (Looking up at Bob, she says: there’s something in here.
Bob: yeah, there’s something in there. Okay, that’s fine.
Peg: (returning her attention to the remainder of the bread slice in her right hand she takes a bite.
Bob: (collecting the various toys and returning them to the toy tray, he says: well, okay. Let’s put these away now.
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P133, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction

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