P146G Behavior Details for Episodes E and F

Object Focus: Nesting Boxes: four in number.

Nesting Cups and Boxes

Size order: Boxes 1 through 4 (numbers increasing by decreasing inner widths
Selection order: Boxes A through D
starting with Episode E at 1:50
P. Picks up the smallest box A (=box 4) and inserts it into the large box B (=box 2)(at 2:0), saying “You go like this-a-way.”
P. Picking up the medium box C (=box 3), she sees the small box A (=4) blocking and removes it
P. tries inserting the medium box C (=3) in the large box B (=2) in an off-orientation and without aligning the corners. Then says “you gotta change those a little bit,” while rotating the medium box on top of the large one.
P. “There, it fits” and lets down box C (=3) into box B (=2).
P. says ?unclear bi-syllable?

continuing with Episode F at : 2:08
P. Immediately picking up the small box A (=4) (at 2:10) she changes her plan, moving to insert the assembled boxes into the largest one D (=box 1) — whose orientation she needs to change.
P. first picks up the assembled boxes B&C, then flips box D (=1) so the open face is on top, doing so with one hand while holding the assembled boxes with the other. She inserts the assembled boxes B&C directly into Box D (=1)
P. then turns to and picks up the smallest box A (=4), inserts it in the assembled stack with “marginal” fitting and says, “I did it.”
B. “I didn’t think you could do it.” GPL: “Wow!”

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