Lawler Chapters from Artificial Intelligence and Education ^

LC0cA1 Introduction (with M. Yazdani)
LC0cA2 Learning Environments: Now, Then, and Someday
LC0cA3 Computer Microworlds and Reading: an analysis for their Systematic Application
LC0cA4 Shared Models: the Cognitive Equivalent of a Lingua Franca
LC0cA5 Research for Education: a dialogue between R W. Lawler and Oliver G. Selfridge (partial text)

BYTE Magazine Article: on Education with Technology
LC0cA6 Designing Computer Based Microworlds (partial text)

European Conference on Artificial Intelligence Article:
LC0cA9 Co-adaptation and the Development of Cognitive Structure Reflective Abstraction: THE essential general developmental mechanism
(content: Strategy Learning via modeling “the other” using the self)

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