Builder offers these hackerish and nitty gritty comments and tips because printing may be an important activity for some visitors to the site.


Top goals: maximizing accessibility for visitors and supporting research collaboration in groups, for which “posting linked data” is essential.


Critic’s goal is to spotlight weaknesses of the Case Study Method generally, and of these studies in particular, as a guide for doing better.


Analysts primary goal: trace in detail the transition of learning from a side-effect of behavior to processes of reflexive self-construction.


Builder collected all the case study materials and assembled this Wordpress Resource and Collaboration facility; here are near horizon goals.


Sources of professional and personal inspiration.
Marvin Minsky (Princeton, MIT), Seymour Papert (Cambridge, MIT) Sheldon White (Chicago, Harvard), H. Sinclair (Geneva),
Howard Gruber (Rutgers, Geneva), Robert Davis (Illinois, Rutgers), Oliver G. Selfridge (MIT, BBN), Wallace Feurzeig (Chicago, BBN).