3V0797.01 Expression of temporal order (3/29/80) At breakfast (possibly lunch) Peggy posed a specific but unsuccessful demand, “want juice for cup.” (this cup has a frog sitting on the bottom; it is revealed when the cup is half emptied.) I brought her the cup, but it contained milk requested earlier, “Drink the milk, Peggy.” She …

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3V0792.01 Context appropriate verbal accompaniment: remembered rhyme (3/24/80) Sitting with Peggy on my lap, I became aware that she was babbling to herself. As I listened, I realized she was reciting an appropriate jingle… something like “Go horsie… go town… take-a Peggy…all fall in.” Gretchen


3V0791.02 Book all words (3/21/80) Sometimes Peggy tries to claim one of my books that I am reading as hers. Then I tell her, no, it’s my book, and look, there are lots of words but no pictures. Today, Peggy picked up an adult book, leafed through it, and remarked, “Book all words.” Gretchen